Will You Take the Chance to Roam This Earth? (Grand Canyon)

“Travel can be a blessing or a curse, a voyage for new discoveries or an escape from brutal reality, a reward or consequence. It all depends.”
– Love the Search

Grand Canyon, North Rim

So, when did you start enjoying life?” he asked her.

They had only just met, 3 miles deep into the Grand Canyon and under 100-degree weather.

We had stopped for yet another break, sitting under the few shaded areas in sight as we listened to each other’s conversations. Each one of us was covered in dirt and sweat.

It was during a trip to New Zealand,” she answered. “I’ve traveled to hike ever since.

She had been hiking the North Kaibab trail alone.


It is stories like this that inspire me most about traveling. No matter how insignificant you may think your travels are compared to others, each mile and every stone you turn will bring you a new perspective. But that is only if you allow it.

I think there exist a special kind of people in this world. Those who keep their curiosity alive in their chest. Those who feel like a caged bird the minute their life begins feeling too monotonous. Those who live for new experiences, who watch the world with wondering eyes, and think every minute is absolutely magical.

Because it is.

And these are the same people we often encounter on the road, as was the case during our road trip through the Southwest.

What began as a distant idea soon became one of the most epic realities. And suddenly, we were there. Gazing into the vast layers of the Grand Canyon like gazing into the very soul of our great Earth Mother. But the real beauty was the people that gathered.

We were all just Mosaics of Stories — each one of us built from speckles of broken pieces — molded together into perfectly imperfect humans. And we were all marveling at the greatness of the land. People from all over the world, from Asia to South America to Australia. People of all walks of life, young and old. Some were there on vacation. Some were there for adventure. Some where there to challenge their stamina.

…And yet others were there to soothe a broken heart, as was the case of the Lady in White.

I had overheard a young couple whisper to each other, “Where did the Lady in White go?

Later as the sun rest to sleep, we came across a woman who was dressed in all white. She was staring into the distance, wiping tears from her face. She was the Lady in White. And she was there mourning the death of her mother. Or, as I would rather believe, perhaps she was celebrating the life of her mother. Perhaps she was reliving memories that were tied to the golden, rusty land, for I had no doubt it could heal with its infinite depth.

You see, that you and I have the freedom to roam this masterpiece of Earth is such a gift. Wether you are looking for a deeper connection to our land, or simply seek adventure, your answer is out there. The only real question left to ask is…

Will you take the chance to roam this Earth? And I hope your answer is yes

Love & Magic,


Grand Canyon, North Rim



It was a spontaneous idea, really. We wanted to take a road trip for my birthday, and chose an epic 10-day road trip through the Southwest: from Seattle to Arizona and back. I will share more details about the road trip itself in a different blog post, but for now, I’ll leave you with scenes from the Grand Canyon.

We explored both the North & South Rims over the course of 2.5 days. And it was incredible beyond words.

The first time I saw the Grand Canyon was as a child. It was in a magazine of National Geographic. The young me never even fathomed the idea that I would one day stand gazing into this giant…

road trip, travel

Sunset at North Rim


Grand Canyon, North Rim

A beautiful stranger.

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Catching dreams <3 Because we all should…

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Spy the tiny people above.

Morning Hike – North Kaibab Trail

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

We were stuck behind these mules for a while. Smelled delicious =)

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

Coconino Overlook

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

Supai Tunnel

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

Half way to our stopping point, which was the bridge (bottom/right of this photo ^)

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

The Red Wall and my tiny little man =)

Grand Canyon, North Rim, North Kaibab Trail

We had no idea just how warm it was getting at noon. We each took a gallon of water, and we each drank it all.

We were so glad we survived the 100-deg. heat. A shower felt so great afterward!

Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim

*We didn’t stay here. We just enjoyed the views =)*

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Giant window at the lodge.

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Sunrise at South Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim

I did not plan to wake up for sunrise. I never do. But I am glad my internal clock set its own alarm.

Grand Canyon, South Rim

What a magical experience this sunrise was.

Grand Canyon, South Rim

…And these purple hues were everything. As was the glowing Colorado River in the distance.

Viewpoints at South Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim

A wonderful elderly couple snapped this photo of us. They liked it so much, they asked us to take one for them w/their camera. Such sweet couple =)

Grand Canyon, South Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim

The South Rim is the most popular side of the Grand Canyon, and therefore more crowded. There were so many viewpoints here! However, the North Rim stole my heart. I felt it was more quieter and peaceful. Plus, it was a lot more travel-friendly, with showers and laundry facilities nearby. I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but with the incredibly hot weather, I was so thankful for that!

…Thank you for reading, dear friends. Sending lots of love to you across the world <3

Grand Canyon, South Rim


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Stay curious, wild hearts!



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  8. BEAUTIFUL D!!! I LOVE IT. Can’t wait to go there. By the way, I totally see myself as being the Lady in White one day. Abrazos!

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