Once Upon A Time, Where the Castles Rise (Bryce Canyon)

A fairy tale based on a true story =)

Bryce Canyon, UtahOnce Upon a time…in the land where sky and stardust collide, there existed a Goddess and King who had journeyed through deserts and rivers of asphalt.

Their only compass was their heart.

After having journeyed to a Canyon so Grand, where even the Soul could wash clean in its infinite depth; After having been enchanted by the land where the magical antelope once roamed; And after having witnessed the biggest horseshoe that could ever exist…

They finally drove off in search of the land where castles still rise: The Kingdom of Bryce

Bryce Canyon, Utah They had only heard whispers of such magical place — where hoodoos, goblins, erosion, and rain all danced together to create.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The day they made their way toward Bryce, a Sleeping Red Beauty pulled them to a stop. She was a beauty, no doubt, and laid just across a river so black.

“My goodness,” the Goddess gasped, mesmerized by such site.

Red Canyon, Utah

But night had suddenly fallen, and the Goddess and King were eager to find shelter to lay their heads to rest before a rainstorm crept in.

“Are those? Tipis!” she exclaimed, as they came upon a charming village of gypsies.


“Why, it is! And it is here where we will rest,” said the King.

And they slept to the music of rain…

Rubys Inn, Bryce Canyon, Utah

The following morning, dawn woke the village to the sound of birds. It was a glorious day! The perfect beginning to an epic day.

Off went the Goddess and King, in search of castles, adventure, and more.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Over bridges of earth…

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Mountains and trees…

Bryce Canyon, Utah

…until they found Hoodoos as far as their eyes could see.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

From the tallest of cliffs, they noticed a winding path.

“There,” said the Goddess. “We need to go there.”

And it was the finest decision they made…

Bryce Canyon, Utah

…for it was there that the castles laid.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

The trail was known to the locals as Peek-A-Boo Loop, and every turn was as magical as the next.

Bryce Canyon, Utah
Bryce Canyon, Utah

Through tunnels of light. It was amazing, no doubt!

Bryce-Canyon-44Enough to make anyone prance…

Bryce-Canyon-45It was as if all the stars had aligned — The sun hid behind the clouds, and the temperatures dropped just in time for them to walk the countless paths.

How could such wonderful place exist? they thought as they stood in disbelief. 

 Bryce Canyon, Utah

And it was a place where even the unicorns played…

Bryce Canyon, UtahWhere the centaurs walked astray…

Bryce Canyon, Utah…And where the fairies frolicked all day.  

There was a special pair who walked by in haste.

“Didn’t we walk past you several cliffs away?” they said.

Bryce-Canyon-59But they may not have been the only ones who were dazed.

Bryce-Canyon-53But the Goddess and King kept trotting along.

Bryce Canyon, UtahBryce Canyon, UtahThey came upon some of the most intricate castles they ever did see. It even made the King smile…

But as they continued to walk, they noticed something so strange. It was the trees.

“What happened to you, Majestic Beings of Light” asked the Goddess to the trees.

Bryce Canyon, UtahThe trees spoke of stories, of having been hugged by lightening during storms full of rain. But it was no playground for a Goddess and King.

And then thunder roared from far away.

“The storm is approaching,” the King said. “We should return to our shelter.”

Bryce-Canyon-60And they did.


With both having been so delighted by their adventurous day, they were now ready to rest.

Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon, UtahAnd it was a plus to be staying with the gypsy hearts!
Their humble abode for the night was nothing short of all things nice.

Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon, UtahAnd they played…

Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon, Utah

And they rested…

…And they felt so much love for one another, to the moon and back.

Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon, Utah

The Kingdom of Bryce had forever stollen their hearts. But with spirits so full, the next morning they were ready to pack.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

And they drove happily ever after atop a cosmic river of asphalt. 

Until the next adventure.

The End =)

Bryce Canyon, Utah

PS: Thank you for reading, dearest friends! It was so hard not to think of fairy tales while wandering through Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah <3 Hope you enjoyed, or at least got a good laugh =)


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33 responses to “Once Upon A Time, Where the Castles Rise (Bryce Canyon)

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  2. LOVELY writing and beautiful photographs. I read this post after just watching the new Starwars and it reminds me that our planet is magical just like the imagined ones. What a treat to read.

    • Thanks, John! Sorry for the delayed response.
      I think part of the magic is seeing places for the first time :) Or even under a different season. I love that we have so many places right in our backyard (USA) that are easily accessible and are captivating <3

  3. Great word & picture combinations to illuminate the wonders of Bryce, bringing back my own memories of all on offer in that Utah wonderland and its awesome other NP neighbors.

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