Photo Diary: We Met Three Grand Canyons Over the Course of 365 Days

Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful, too. — Beau Taplin

Yellowstone National Park

YellowstoneIt was our last day in Yellowstone National Park. We had spent the last two days soaking it all in, and our last hours welcomed us with the sunniest of days.

YellowstoneEach stop was as magical as the last, but each area of Yellowstone was so diverse and different from one another.


YellowstoneHave you ever seen National Geographic photographs of the Namibian landscapes? It looks just like a painting, which is why it’s been so popular on the internet. Well, the Angel Terrace in Yellowstone was just like it. I stared in silence as I tried to digest just how incredible this sight was under the sun.

A real life painting…

Angel Terrace, YellowstoneWe continued driving onto Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.

The salts and minerals were SO bright under the sun. And at this point, we were also getting sun-burnt…

These terraces sat high among the mountains. The landscape looked so pretty from here.

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot SpringsMinerals, patterns, colors…mountains! Everything came together so perfectly.

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot SpringsBut the most spectacular were thee Mammoth Springs. Earth’s very own bathtubs. Just. Wow.

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot SpringsSo much magic :)

Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot SpringsThe highway loop led us through higher elevation, where sunshine turned into rain and the landscapes turned into green.


YellowstoneAnd tucked somewhere among the greenery was the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

Yellowstone, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone RiverAnd then it hit me. Over the course of the last 365 days, we had met three different Grand Canyons. Thee Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon of the Pacific. And Yellowstone’s very own.

How did we ever get so lucky? To walk this earth so freely…to live it and breathe it and admire it and love it…

If you ever wondered why it was named Yellowstone, stepping into its canyon will answer your question.


yellowstone-28And it was as perfect as I imagined…

Yellowstone, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone RiverTo submerge into its depth, we headed down to Uncle Tom’s Trail. This is one of the most unique trails! And it was short and sweet :)

Yellowstone, Uncle Tom's TrailThe trail lead us along the cliff of the canyon and down to the base of its waterfall.

Yellowstone, Uncle Tom's Trail

The walls of the canyon were prehistoric. Look at these patterns of colors… (like the skin of a turtle!)

Yellowstone, Uncle Tom's TrailIt was July when we went, but if you look at the photo above, you’ll see snow! (Lower center)

Yellowstone, Uncle Tom's TrailWe kept driving and made a few more stops. We even spotted a mama bear and cub somewhere on the mountain along the road :) They were pretty far out, so I have no photos to share.

YellowstoneBut the bison were everywhere! I wish we could have stumbled upon an entire herd of bison, though. That would have been a sight…

YellowstoneAs the day was ending, we made our way back to Midway Geyser Basin for sunset.

YellowstoneSteam so warm against our skin…

YellowstoneAnd happiness running through our bones :)

YellowstoneSunset mixed with storm — two flavors that go together so well…

Right before the sun fell asleep, the sky exploded into gold. As did my heart.

yellowstone-56Watching our last sunset not knowing when we’d ever be back made me feel like I was leaving part of my heart behind. Another place that kept a piece of me. Another story to tell.

I’ve left pieces of my heart scattered in so many different places. Endings don’t feel better with time. I always have a sense of sadness and happiness all at the same time — sad that I’m leaving, but so very happy to have lived each moment.

I had never seen earth breathe the way it did in Yellowstone. I’m not sure I ever will…

Love & Adventure,




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11 responses to “Photo Diary: We Met Three Grand Canyons Over the Course of 365 Days

  1. AWESOME PICS!!!!  Estela Patricia Mendez  “The most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

    • Hehehe! Don’t worry. The entire time we we were in Yellowstone, I kept confusing the names, too :)
      In fact, I hope I didn’t accidentally interchange the names randomly in my blog posts. We just came back from a trip to Yosemite, too, so the name is fresh in my head :-D

      But Yellowstone is definitely a place I would highly recommend. It is easy to get around and is soooo pretty!

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