A Road Trip of Waterfall Magic

To be free as the wind, all you need is an open heart on an open road.
– Of Wildest Heart

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

We had been dreaming of a big road trip for the summer.

We couldn’t wait!

And so we didn’t.

Instead, we thought we could squeeze just one more adventure on the road before embarking on ‘our big epic road trip’. My birthday road trip. The one that we just came back from through the South West (Stories and photos coming soon)…

So when Friday rolled around, I eagerly rushed out of the office.

Our road trip would begin with a 6-hour drive to Oregon, and we wanted to leave Friday night to cover most of those hours. Initially we thought about staying in a hotel sometime that night to be well-rested, but instead we rented an SUV. Not only would my own car stay happy, but it would also give us an idea of what it would be like to live out of our car during ‘our big epic road trip’ in the coming weeks.

Done, and Done!

It was a normal two-day weekend, but when you have a heart full of wonder you make do with what you have.

Plus, who says you have to wait to take paid-time-off from work, or for long holiday weekends to plan adventures? =) Hesitate no more. Go explore the world! Surround yourself with inspiration, no matter how little time you think you have.

Below are photos and blurbs from the several places we were able to visit, along with lots of photos. Enjoy!

Love and Adventure,


Toketee Falls, Oregon



Saturday. Ok, not exactly a waterfall, but this was our first destination. You can see more photos in my previous post here. In the morning after sleeping in a rest area, we stopped in the town of Roseburg to purchase a NW Forest Pass in case we camped the area.

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon, road trip

toketee falls, oregon, pnw


Right around the corner from Umpqua Hot Springs is the ever so gorgeous Toketee Falls. After soaking in the hot springs, we headed to these falls to spend the rest of our evening. Just look at those basalt rock formations!

The hike is less than a mile and is fairly easy, though there are lots of stairs. The furthest you can go is the view point, which is a super cute wooden platform around a tree. However, more than one too many people have jumped the fence for a closer look…

toketee falls, oregon

toketee falls, oregon

toketee falls, oregon, pnw

Toketee Falls trail
PIT STOP: Tioga Bridge
After leaving the falls, we made a pit stop at Tioga Bridge, which sits along Highway 138. I spotted this beauty during our trip from Crater Lake last year, and I had to stop by this time.
Umpqua River, Tioga Bridge, Oregon

Tioga Bridge, Oregon


Sunday. We did not camp the Umpqua National Forest. Instead, we drove north toward our next stop at Silver Falls State Park, and woke up in a Rest Area Sunday morning. Rest Areas are the best thing to ever happen to travelers! =)

This park consists of several waterfalls. You could even do the Trail of Ten Falls to get the full experience. We did not. Maybe next time! If you have ever wanted to walk behind a raging water fall, this is your chance. What an incredible, magical feeling!

South Falls

Silver Falls, South Falls, Oregon

Silver Falls, South Falls, Oregon

Silver Falls, South Falls, Oregon


Lower South Falls

Silver Falls, Lower South Falls, Oregon

Silver Falls, Lower South Falls, Oregon

Silver Falls, Lower South Falls, Oregon


Our last visit before heading back to Seattle was to Abiqua Falls (east of Salem). What a spectacular fall! But what an incredibly horrible road to drive on.

Let me just retract — it is not a road. It is an ATV trail. At times the trail is so narrow with nowhere to turn or pull over. The potholes are not potholes. They are craters (ha ha). During several instances I thought, “OK, we need to turn back. Now.” But the road kept going and getting worse. In fact, our SUV got stuck on our way back. Gah!

The foot trail is a whole different thing in itself. Initially we took a trail down the wrong cliff. We were literally hanging from root to root. When my boyfriend finally slid several feet down, I insisted that we got back. No way were we on the right trail.

But we made it. After we found the correct foot trail, that is. The trail to the fall is down a steep hill, but there are ropes guiding you down. And goodness was it so absolutely worth the ordeal! Best memories =)

Abiqua Falls road

This trail was luxury compared to what came about 5 minutes later.

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls, Oregon
PIT STOP: Camp Dakota
Oh my goodness, can I just gush over how adorable Camp Dakota is? We spotted it on our way back from Abiqua Falls. We didn’t stay here, but I had been dreaming of staying in a teepee sometime!
If you ever look for glamping options, you have got to check this place out. We peeked inside the teepee. The sleeping ground is ground (yes, dirt) BUT it has a fireplace! Whaaat?? =)

Camp Dakota, Oregon

Camp Dakota, Oregon

We got back to Seattle on Sunday night around 11PM. We returned our rental Monday morning before driving to work. All in a weekend…We did not feel rushed, and it felt like any other vacation =) 


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Stay curious, wild hearts!


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