Mountains are my Church (Artist Point)

I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God, than in church thinking about the mountains. — John Muir

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWI was reading an article last night describing the story of a survivor of the Chapecoense plane crash. He was one of 6 people who survived the crash, though still fighting for his life. It was said that he was reading the bible right before the plane crashed. In particular, he remembered reading a passage about ‘being safe in the shadow of your wings’.


I don’t know whether the story is real, nor whether a passage of this sort even exists in any bible, because, well, I’ve never been a religious person to pick up a bible. But I was raised with Christian beliefs, and the last time I read a bible was as a kid. I turned right to the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse), read it for several nights, and that was it for me. Throughout my adulthood, I stepped into different churches, but nothing about organized religion lit fire in my heart.

But reading this article reminded me about my own beliefs. I realized I never stopped having faith – in God, in Love, in Life, nor the process of it. Some may call it optimism, others may call it faith, but ultimately I believe that there is a higher power that loves and listens. And I trust it. And every night before I lay my head to rest, I give thanks.

Though I believe that truths are found in every religion, I don’t think I will ever join any organized religion for the sake of keeping my faith alive. This may work for some people, but it doesn’t work for me.

And I began thinking…

I do not need bibles or churches or affiliation to any religion to be a person of faith. I’ve never questioned my faith. In my ideal world, Love would be the only religion to exist, Nature our church, and Kindness and Compassion our philosophy.

The only place that has ever given me a sense of pure intoxicating Love is high among the clouds in the mountains. It’s almost unbearable to stand in the presence of their majesty. Their sight, their grandness, their beauty…I could drop to my knees and cry.

It is a powerful feeling that reminds me of how incredible life is. To exist is a privilege. To live and love is nothing short of a blessing. Standing in their presence, I am reminded that life is much bigger than myself. Everything is real out there among the elements. We cannot deny the mountains or the trees, the clouds or the rain, or the wave of emotions that floods the heart every time we remember how amazing it is to be alive. Truly alive.

So this is where I come to reconnect to that higher power –whatever you may call it or whatever you may believe it is. Some find this reconnection within a concrete building. But I?

…I find it high among the clouds, right next to the greatest of Giants. No textbooks. No idols. Just mySelf and my thoughts and my belief for love. God is a personal journey. This is mine.

Love & Light,


Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW———————————————–

If you’ve ever wondered what my favorite location in Washington is, Artist Point is toward the top of the list. Magical cannot begin to describe it.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWIn the winter, this road is normally closed off. We’ve snowshoed down the road, and the contrast in scenery during the different seasons is incredible (winter photos here).

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWSince then, we eagerly looked forward to coming back during the warmer months. Still found snow in July :)

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWDark clouds and rain greeted us.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWThis meant we had this piece of heaven all to ourselves.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWViews on views on views from the tallest peaks…

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWI’ve always said — there is no such thing as bad weather. People are just ill-equipped and make poor choices in clothing :) We’ve learned our lesson through the years. Now, you’ll hardly ever find us unprepared.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Any mountain person can attest to how quickly the weather changes high in the mountains. Because just as quickly as clouds and rain rolled in, King Sun came to grace us with his warmth.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW…And the mountains came alive.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWIt makes me happy to share my love for life with this man….even happier that he loves life as much as I :)

When we finally had our dose of Vitamin N, we began heading back to our car.

We could see the clouds starting to come back but had just enough time to enjoy the last moments of sunshine.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWWhat I imagine heaven to look like…

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWWandering in the sky, moving through the clouds.

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNWHeaven on Earth is not a tall tale. It exists. You just have to figure out what that looks like for you, and then visit often.

What I imagine heaven to look like...This is not the only place that connects me to the infinite. I’ve learned to achieve that within mySelf. However, having places that feel sacred to you, whether that be in a church or outdoors, makes the experience all the more powerful. I wish every person could experience the feeling.

Sending all my love to everyone around the world <3 Thanks so much for reading :)

Artist Point, Mt Baker, Washington, PNW


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17 responses to “Mountains are my Church (Artist Point)

  1. The mountains do it for me too Denise. “I lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my aid.” Biblical. I too don’t find God in the churches as most Christians I’ve met are hypocrites. The mountains are uplifting. For me at least (and you). I have a Diploma in Theology (Counselling). I only did it for the qualification. I was the chapalin ina univeristy for a year and youth from all denominations and none came to chat. The Christians had the most closed minds. Sad. Real sad. I do believe my God put those mountains on this earth so we’d feel closer to Him. And I thank Him for everything I have, every day.

  2. I went to Catholic school for 13 years although my family is Buddhist and we go to Temples on occasions. I believe most religion have something right and wrong in their beliefs. The main point in most studies is simple, be kind to each other. As long as we do that, it doesn’t really matter which practice we are in. They all have the similar good messages. It all depends on what makes the person believing keep going. 🙂

    Those mountains are beautiful!

    • You are absolutely right! I really do think a lot of religions have a lot of truth. Wish more people could also see this, and just be kind to each other all over the world, religions aside.
      Thanks for reading, JoJo. I hope you have a wonderful 2017! :)

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