Just 13 More Minutes. (Yellowstone Nat’l Park)

“Today, you might need some time alone to bring yourself back to center,” said my horoscope. “As the landscape changes, we must also change.”
Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaIt was my birthday weekend and we were driving Seattle to Wyoming en route to one of the most picturesque places in the United States. We had originally planned for a trip to Glacier National Park, which was a shorter drive, but I had a change of heart at the very last minute.

Always listen to your heart.

I remain amazed knowing that the universe watches and knows when my soul is in need of rebalancing. It is then that all the stars begin to align…

The first few hours of our journey were spent under a blanket of stars as we drove into the night. The Milky Way smiled upon us, and a long, dark road extended in front us. God, we are so loved. Every twinkling star was a reminder of how incredible it was to be alive. We slept in a rest area that night in our makeshift beds in the back of our SUV rental. And I smiled as I read my horoscope before closing my eyes because, damnit, how did She know?


Morning came and went. 11.5 hours and 3 state-lines later, we were finally arriving to our destination. Why was I feeling so antsy, like I was about to meet my beloved for the first time?

Just 13 more minutes, said the GPS. It was then that my heart was flooded with all sorts of emotions.

In 13 minutes I would be in a place that I had only dreamt about as a child. I had never imagined Yellowstone was within my reach. I had seen the vibrant thermal pools in covers of magazines, but that was all they ever were — photographs of a beautiful, inaccessible place that sat hidden in a faraway location. Like a celebrity…unreachable.

Just 13 more minutes. Everything that ever happened in my life had led me to that very moment. Every dream, every magazine I gawked at, and every thought. It was an insane feeling to realize that all the stars had perfectly aligned to bring me to that day.

Just 13 more minutes…

The rest is herstory. We spent three magical days in a place where Earth’s lungs reside. A place where every one of her breaths can be seen and her warmth felt. I do not have enough words to describe how incredible Yellowstone was.

But that is why I snap photographs. Below is a compilation of images from our first day spent in Yellowstone. Enjoy! :)

And I hope that in your life time you, too, can chase locations once thought attainable only through photographs.

Love & Adventure,


Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana——————————————–

They don’t call it Big Sky Country for no reason…
Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaFollow the moccasins.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaWe drove by Earthquake Lake, home to these eerie ‘ghost trees’.

Lower Geyser Basin

And when we finally arrived to Yellowstone, the landscape became otherworldly. We were also welcomed by rain. Pouring rain!

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaBut please be warned. This is the one park you DO NOT want to walk off the boardwalks. Earth is very alive despite its deathly appearance…And too many lives have been claimed in the surrounding boiling and/or acidic pools.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaLeather Pool. I was blown away by her color.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Along the Fountain Paint Pot Trail.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaSo alive! What even???

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaDid I mention it was pouring rain?

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaBut in between the chilling rain, the heat from these steam vents felt perfect against our skin.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaMidway Geyser Basin

Thermal water meets river…

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaExcelsior Geyser Crater. The cool air mixed with rain made things very foggy.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaBut under all that steam laid the prettiest of blues.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaWhat I was really looking forward to was meeting the Grand Prismatic Spring. The largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaI couldn’t believe my eyes. Those vibrant colors!

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaThe trail up the mountain was closed, but I can only imagine how awesome this pool looks from above. Like this.

A dance of colors :)

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaAlong the drive toward Old Faithful, we made a stop at Biscuit Basin — home to this gorgeous pool named Saphire Pool <3

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaMy eyes couldn’t handle so much beauty :’)

But mostly I was so overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to share this trip with my favorite human.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaAnd down the path, Emerald Pool in all her majestic beauty…

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaRoad trip’n Dandelion :) #OfWildestVan

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaSprings are found everywhere. Gah! But it’s the reason why every step off the trails is a dangerous one…

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaAnd don’t let me tell you about the pungent aromas throughout Yellowstone. Think rotting eggs. Yum :)

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaDo mosquitoes like rotting eggs? Or maybe they’re just attracted to the warmth. I don’t normally get bitten by mosquitoes, but here in Yellowstone I was swarmed!

And the bison. I had so looked forward to meeting these guys in person. From afar, of course.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana, BisonUpper Geyser Basin

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaOld Faithful. Countless stories about this geyser couldn’t amount to experiencing it in real life.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaIt was finally nice to meet you, Old Faithful you.

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana

Yellowstone, Wyoming, MontanaWe ended our day with the prettiest of sunsets. A long day waited for us tomorrow…I love tomorrows.

PS: Join me over the next week (or two) as I share the remaining images from our time in Yellowstone. The magic was just beginning :)

Yellowstone, Wyoming, Montana


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    • Thank you, Charles! I think Yellowstone has earned top favorite (in my heart) of national parks I’ve visited. The contrast of colors, as you mentioned in your post, is incredible!
      Thanks for the follow, and I look forward to your future posts as well :)

  4. I think following your heart was definitely the right choice! I love Yellowstone and the gorgeous colors in the pools are always my favorite part! Thanks for sharing your birthday adventure! Cheers!

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