Hello 2015! It’s Me, Denise

“When the time comes for you to make a change or to grow, the universe will make you so uncomfortable you will eventually have no choice.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Happy, Happy 2015!!!! Sitting in my living room, wondering if I should take my Christmas tree down, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with how magical Life is. Already this year taught me a very significant lesson.

Three words: my physical health.

It has dwindled, and it’s scary. But my eyes are flooded with tears of gratitude because it has been yet another moment of Awakening. And I laugh with rejoice! I laugh because, why have I been so blind?

Would you like to hear the story? It may not be the shortest…


Before year-end, I knew that 2014 was all about learning, while 2015 would be about applying everything I learned. I did not set resolutions, goals, etc., though I knew exactly what I wanted more of.

But I suppose the Universe needed to remind me I was neglecting my most important vessel.

Let’s take a step back.

In 2013, my routine corporate life was in desperate need of a reality check. So I recollected my self and my excitement for life, and I stepped out of my cage to try all things new. I do not remember how many festivals, events, and 5Ks I completed that year, including my 1st Tough Mudder. Gym sessions and Insanity workouts with my boyfriend became my new routine, and my body loved the healthy fuel I was feeding it. But my desire for adventure and soul-seeking only became deeper.

In 2014, my blog was born. I will spare you the story, as it is all documented for you in this little corner of the web. What I have not mentioned is that mid-year, my gym sessions had completely stopped. I’m the girl who paid at least five months of gym membership without ever using the facility. I’ll let you gasp for a moment…

In the middle of it all, I completed my 2nd Tough Mudder. However, I’ll be honest and say I half-assed it because my body was not as strong anymore. Disappointed with my performance and endurance, I signed up for my 3rd Tough Mudder (2015) as soon as I got home.

But that did not bring my spirits down! My soul was happy with flutters of adventure and Vitamin N! And with my outings and camping adventures came the road trip food and unhealthy campfire food choices. You can see where this is going…

I was restoring balance within my mind and soul, but subtracted from my physical body. I knew that I needed to recalibrate – I felt my body yelling – but I had not made it a priority.

Before I realized, Christmas Day was here, along with a terrible piercing pain at the pit of my stomach…at 5:00 AM. Talk about a wake-up call, and it wasn’t from Santa. But I had felt this pain only one other time during my road trip to Painted Hills/Crater Lake, so I knew it was a temporary situation probably caused by something I ate.

And so I ignored the Universe.

Fast forward to New Year’s weekend, and I found myself in the ER at 5:00 AM again with the same terrible pain. Only worse. After two hours of sitting in the waiting room without being seen, the pain had subsided, and so I left.

And the next day I woke up with a very swollen, painful wisdom tooth.



And then it all made sense.

When the time comes for you to make a change or to grow, the Universe will certainly make you so uncomfortable you will have no other choice but to make all necessary changes.

How long have I neglected my physical body despite all the signs it gave me? The weak core, decreased endurance, tiredness, softer muscles. How many times last year did I say, “Tomorrow I will go back to the gym”, “Next week I will kick-start my workouts again”, “We’ll eat this junk food just this one time”, “I don’t really need to take my wisdom teeth out, right?”

I had been so focused on my inner self.  Sure, happiness and peace come from within. But if the vessel, which so delicately holds our most prized treasure, is not strong and healthy…our efforts are almost worthless. I knew this. But I began to nourish one more than the other.

And so worry turned into floods of gratitude. I no longer have a choice. I need to stay healthy in order to stay pain free. I have to get back to my strong self, all the while learning how to balance that same soul-filling love for adventure I fed in 2014. So I have a LIFE’s RESOLUTION: Recalibrate. Balance the Mind, the Body, and Soul with equal importance. 2015 is still about applying all that I am learning.

Oh! But trust the Universe, as it knows what you need, for if you reciprocate with gratitude it will surely provide you with all the tools you need to succeed!

After the holidays, I went back to work very thankful to have finally become unblind, only to find out my Little Year-End Bonus had suddenly increased to a Big Year-End Bonus. What?! (Take that, Ego!) Endless gratitude, my friends, comes with endless blessings…And lessons! Will you be ready to listen?

Stay Golden,


PS: Worry not, friends! Based on my family history, I have a strong sense of what may be causing the gastro pain. But either way I am loading on the positive vibrations. And those wisdom teeth are on their way to extraction, as is my Self back to using my gym membership (hahaha). All doctor’s visits have been scheduled! Operation Fix My Physical Self is in full effect.

Below are photos of the holiday weekend with my sisters. We wanted to end the year with a final outdoor adventure! Enjoy!



Sissy road trip, and this little jewel, #OfWildestVan!

…But sissy #2 refused to climb.

Thee Sissy #2

Dandelion loves road trips :-D

Until next time, friends!

Wishing you all the magical blessings filled with gratitude in 2015 and beyond! <3


12 responses to “Hello 2015! It’s Me, Denise

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  2. I make myself go to the gym by paying for it! Hah I use to do kung fu and that was a pay by the month payment so I found a lot of excuse to “start again next month” but now I joined a MMA gym that goes by an annual payment and cancelation fee so I must go! Haha

    It is great to hear you are excited to becoming healthy again. My biggest issue with “being healthy” is that I LOVE JUNK FOOD! (T.T)

    Good luck on your Tough Mudder! I am nowhere ready for that kind of run yet =( I am still on the little fun 5Ks.

    • I pay for my gym membership every month. LOL! I just hadn’t gone. Such a terrible habit!
      I was actually obsessed with 5Ks for a while, then decided to tackle Tough Mudder. Maybe one day for you? ;) It’s so much fun!

      And thank you for the well wishes! =) Balancing a healthy lifestyle while working full time becomes a real work of art. But doable. Cheers to a healthy 2015! =)

      • I’m not sure about Tough Mudder for me – maybe far along the way haha but I do want to do a marathon (Rock & Roll and Disney!) in the closer future!

  3. i can relate to this one! i started up my yoga practice again these last few months and can feel myself getting stronger by the day – not just physically too! i also haven’t been making the best food choices (maybe a bit too much red wine, hmmm) so 2015 is all about honouring the body temple. and yes to a recalibration, i life resolution. love it! :) aleya

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  5. Hi D. You are not alone. I keep paying the gym membership,but I haven’t gone for months. Everything else takes priority…not good; kids, work, changes, challenges. I also struggle with keeping a balance on everything. Maybe we don’t need to try to find the perfect balance, but do what is important, in this case, take care of our body. I know it’s hard with everything else going on, but we can do it. ♥ Wish you the best and healthy 2015. Take care.

  6. That quote you started with… pretty amazing and I’m borrowing it :P So much truth, Even when we “know better” but refuse to listen or look at the signs, the universe comes in and makes sure to get the point across. Wishing you renewed health and vigor in 2015!

    • Thank you, Leslie, for the well wishes! <3

      And absolutely — share those words with anyone and everyone!! =) We all need to be reminded that things that happen in our lives actually do have a reason! But it's up to us to see and & understand that reason.

      Take care <3

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