Once Upon a Winter Camp

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

Winter Camp, Granite Falls WAOnce Upon A Time, a few sunsets ago…

The invincible summer within me was certainly trying to burst out of my chest. Is it not amazing how fast the hours in a day, the days in a week, the weeks in a month, and months in a year become a blur when your life is dense with all that you love?!

Believe it.

As the sunsets were becoming dimmer and the nights cooler, we had the brilliant idea of sleeping under that winter sky. I knew we were very unprepared and lacked all the proper winter camping gear, but life is an adventure, right? Right!

This was the first time we set foot on the mountains during winter, let alone camp. And we had no idea the mountains would treat us to the coldest weekend of the season. I don’t think my toes have ever been so cold, nor have I ever been so thankful for the warmth of campfire! Snow had also just dumped on the mountains, so the weekend was especially quiet and still… a true winter bliss…

And what a magical experience it was to stand among the snowy trees, cold as it was =)

So before everyone takes off for the weekend to celebrate holidays and what nots…

I hope you, too, continue to seize the days even through the winter gloom. If you pay close attention, you’ll realize that Earth also continues to thrive. Magic is happening underneath the frozen soil. Seeds are dormant yet finding nourishment to be strong for the warmer months. And so should we!

So my wish to you for this winter is that you continue to nourish your mind, body, and soul with everything that you love — and everything that you need — in order to welcome the returning sun with joy. And may you all continue to break a lot of firsts in the beautiful coming year.

Below are photos and blurbs from our very first winter camping experience. Enjoy!

Love & Adventure,


Winter, Big Four Ice Caves trail



This campground is a few yards from the Velot Ranger Station and is open year round as long as the highway is open. During the winter, there is no running water or services available, so expect a quiet campground and a vault toilet =)

Winter, Mountain Loop Highway

Verlot Campground, WA in winter

Did I mention my boyfriend’s brother, Charles, joined us for the freezing fun?

Verlot Campground, winter

We may or may not have gone through eight bundles of wood…

Verlot Campground, winter camping

Verlot Campground

Winter blessings.

Verlot Campground, winter camping

^Dandelion’s first winter =))  Because Manifesting…

Verlot Campground

Verlot Campground

Winter means not a lot of people, and not a lot of people means waterfront camp!

Verlot Campground

I can’t describe how peaceful this felt…imagine it for a moment.

And into the night…

Verlot CampgroundCan you smell the campfire?

Verlot Campground

This wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the theme of the night: dead bunny rabbit stories. But don’t ask me, I know nothing.

Verlot Campground, winter camping

But first, coffee. Let’s not talk about how cold I was over night. Our tent was too big, and my sleeping bag was too big. Enough said. Take notes guys — smaller is better =)

Mountain Loop Highway winterAnd we couldn’t leave without taking Charles to the Big Four ice caves!

Big Four Ice Caves in winter

Big Four Ice Caves in winterBut how magical is this view?

Big Four Ice Caves in winterSuch a different feeling every season. I insist, go visit again and again. We came here for the first time in the spring, and then in the fall.

Big Four Ice Caves in winterCrazy, right? We did not go to the waterfall in the back of the cave this time. Felt unstable.

Big Four Ice Caves in winterWinter bliss, guys! Winter bliss!

Big Four Ice Caves in winterThis is the waterfall we couldn’t resist in the spring, when we drenched under it after the hike. Not this time =)

Big Four Ice Caves in winterThe icy creek was cracking under my feet.

Caught you! LOL!

Big Four Ice Caves in winter

The End =)


Thank you for stopping by! Make it a great, stress-free weekend before the holiday <3



9 responses to “Once Upon a Winter Camp

  1. AMAZING! You inspire me to try things I never would have considered – like winter camping!!! Now, I just need to convince the hubs and we’ll be all set. What a perfect backdrop :)

  2. MAGICAL!!! You are so brave to try winter camping. There is a beautiful peace about winter, the quiet that’s felt not just with people but with nature. Such a wonderful time to relax and reflect with no rush. Gorgeous pictures as usual- you almost have me wanting to camp in the snow :P

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