Reliving Childhood Memories (Deception Pass)

“We didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun.” – Unknown

Deception Pass Bridge, WA

It was 6th Grade Year that every kid looked forward to in Middle School. An entire weekend fieldtrip filled with campfire and forest fun? I was ecstatic when that weekend finally came! It was the first time I would visit Whidbey Island, and it was also the first time I would ever sleep outside of my home. I don’t even remember how I convinced my parents to let me partake in an overnight field trip.

But most importantly, it was the first time I would ever walk through a real forest as we explored all of Whidbey Island’s glory.

I had no idea the kind of spark it would light in my heart. I wish I had digital copies to show you all the photos I took that weekend. It was mostly photos of tall trees, ferns, moss, and moss-covered tree stumps. I still laugh looking through those photos! In them I captured nothing and everything. Or perhaps it was magic that only I saw…

Fast-forward to whatever years later, and I found myself finally planning an outing back to Whidbey Island with my sisters. All three of us had been fortunate to go to the same school for most of our elementary – middle school – high school years, and all three of us had gone to the same field trip during each of our 6th Grade Year.

Though we each made our own memories with our middle school friends, it was one particular location that we often reminisced about –> Deception Pass! That mysterious historical bridge…the rocky beach…the tide pools. Everything had seemed so fascinating. Often times we would talk about going back to rediscover old ground.

And we finally did!

We had a lot of fun trying piece our foggy memories together. In between the chilly weather and getting lost, I think we pieced together and entire new set of memories. But that’s the fun of adventuring! Nothing will ever appear the same even if we revisit familiar places. Perspective is everything. Ever try reliving fun childhood memories? So many great times! 

…Below are photos and blurbs from our outing. Enjoy! =)

Love and Adventure,


I don’t even know what was going on in this photo. I think my sis was trying to push me down the ledge, hence the weird pose. Haha, jk. Love you sis!



Initially we couldn’t figure out how to get to the beach below the bridge. So we kept driving and ended up at another side of the island, where this precious scene greeted us. Nothing like painting in the outdoors…

Whidbey IslandSo then we finally turned around and made our way back to the bridge, determined to find our way to the beach.

Deception Pass Bridge, WAThe views from the bridge are so great!

Deception Pass, WA

Deception Pass, WAA little cove.

Deception Pass, WA

Deception Pass

We walked down the side of the bridge, still not finding a way to the beach …But at least Dandelion was enjoying her drive! :-DDeception Pass Bridge, WA; 1962 VW Bus…and my two little sisters. Except they’re not so little any more. Le’sigh <3

Deception PassAfter we crossed the bridge, we finally found the stairs to the trail!

Except we found no tide pools. Wrong time of day =)

Deception Pass Bridge

But we had a good time enjoying the scenery and ocean fresh air.

Deception Pass

Deception PassThe beach was not getting any sunlight and felt so chilly, so off we went…

Deception Pass

After we left, we stopped at a historical ‘waterfront’ town (I don’t remember the name) and found this charming old building.

So I decided to snap some photos of my only willing victim…

gypsy, Earthbound Trading Co.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope winter has been treating everyone well. I am loving that the days are becoming longer! And following my last blog post regarding my health, I will be doing a follow-up post once I clear everything with the doctors. Thank you for all the well wishes and healthy vibrations =)

But for now…Stay blessed! <3


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14 responses to “Reliving Childhood Memories (Deception Pass)

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  2. I never got to do any kind of trip like that for school! We only had day trips to Lancaster, PA to see historic things and even in high school the only trip we had was to New York for a day trip!

    Are you and your sisters going to revisit the place more often?

    My brother, cousins and I revisited a temple in California 10 years later (not planning or realizing that until after) and tried to retake a picture. Hah it was a bit difficult now that I am the shortest! You can read more about the trip below if you are interested!

    • Hi Jo! Now that I think about it, it is kind of unusual to have overnight fieldtrips with junior high kids. haha.

      But we’ll see! Maybe we’ll revisit sometime in the summer again to walk different hikes.

      I’ll take a look at your post =) Thank you for sharing! And thanks for reading…Hope you’re having a great week!


      • My little cousin had a pre-freshman camping trip last summer and I was told she called crying because she couldn’t sleep because of all the bugs!

      • Haha yes she did! She even says she wants to go back next summer. But her brother made the phone calls sound really dramatic!

  3. Mostly I’m just impressed that you were able to hike in those shoes!! ;) Beautiful beautiful photos, there’s something so special about revisiting childhood places.

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Anna! That was actually a photo of my sister’s feet dangling over the bridge, though we were all wearing fairly casual shoes. Normally I’d bring the hiking shoes, but we remembered the hike was sweet and short =)

      Thanks for stopping by <3 and have a great weekend!


    • It won’t disappoint <3 and the entire Deception Pass Par is filled with lots of family-friendly hikes! :) some trails close for the winter, but this would make a great spring/summer family outing.

      Thanks for stopping by, Merideth! Enjoy the rest of your week =)

  4. What a beautiful place! We can visit the same place a million different times and each time the memories we make will be brand new, but childhood memories are the ones that last forever.

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