Winter Cabin & Re-Acclimating to the PNW (Stevens Pass)

“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Stevens Pass, WA

I was in Mexico for no more than two weeks, but I was already missing home. I was missing the trees, the fog, the smell of rain…heck, I was missing all of winter!

It is interesting what being abroad can do to the human brain. Someone once mentioned that people who speak more than one language normally think in their native language.

Denise, do you think in English or in Spanish? they asked. At the time, I was mind blown because it was true, they were right! I thought in Spanish.

Sometime during my college years I revisited the idea and realized I no longer thought in my native tongue. I was speaking, thinking, and even dreaming in English.

Well, it only took two weeks in Mexico for me to start thinking in Spanish again. In fact, every time I closed my eyes, my brain still thought I was in Mexico, riding the bus down chaotic city streets. At one point I woke up from a nap, speaking to my boyfriend in Spanish.

Ha! Take that, bilingual brain.

Coming back to the Pacific Northwest felt like heaven. Whenever I travel outside of the state, I catch myself talking about how much I miss the evergreeness of the Pacific Northwest. So no sooner than setting foot off the plane from Mexico, my boyfriend and I planned a weekend escape to the mountains.

Mexico had stollen my brain (and my heart) and re-acclimating to the PNW was in order. Not that I needed to, but it was the perfect excuse to get my brain back to normality. And by normality, I mean all things Pacific Northwest :)

Love and Adventure,


Stevens Pass, WA



Our original plan was to go snowboarding and stay in a cabin in Stevens Pass, which is about 2 hours from Seattle. But after arriving at the cabin, we realized we would rather spend our entire time there.

Welcome to The Baring Cabin (we found the listing through craigslist). It was so perfect…

Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

The cabin was so cute & cozy! And it came equipped with art supplies, books, board games, and an outdoor hot tub — the perfect ingredients for a cabin weekend getaway.

Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WABaring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

The Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

The Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WAThe Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

The Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

Right around the corner was a river where we spent some time playing in the snow…

Stevens Pass, WA

Stevens Pass, WA

Stevens Pass, WA

Stevens Pass, WA

And back for the rest of the night…

The Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

The Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

The Baring Cabin, Stevens Pass, WA

Until next time :)

Stevens Pass, WA


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3 responses to “Winter Cabin & Re-Acclimating to the PNW (Stevens Pass)

  1. Wonderful!
    I noticed a while ago that all of my thoughts were in English too… and it took a few and long conversations in Spanish with some friends for my thoughts to switch to Spanish….

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