I Traveled 2,879 Miles to Reunite with an Old Love

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” -Rumi


It’s true. It had been 12 years since we saw one another.

And I may have almost cried when I first saw him after all these years.  He was as beautiful and chaotic as I remembered, yet changed in a thousand other ways. But it was his fragrance that finally flooded my mind with golden memories the minute I walked off the plane…

And I immediately realized that I still loved him despite his imperfections.

I heard rumors of him through the years. Some good, some terrible. I was afraid to see him again, and I guess fear was the biggest reason why it took this long to reunite. They said he was more hostile than ever. That he treated his neighbors unfair. That he became corrupt. When did it all go so wrong?

Yet, there I stood, feeling trapped within the very beating of his heart, so completely and utterly in love.

I must have come back a wiser person because I finally understood that we could never truly be apart. We were always one…

My dearest Mexico, how could I have stayed away so long?

You enchanted my heart again with the colors of your culture, your savoring cuisine, and the liveliness of your streets. But most importantly, you reminded me that you are still home to some of the most incredible human beings to have ever graced this earth. And for that, I am indebted to you. I must have been asleep before finally waking up.

Our paths will align again when the time is right. Because despite your imperfections, I love you to the sun and back!

Love & Light,


Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

PS: Below are photos from my time in Mexico :) I’ll be sharing more in the next few days. Enjoy!



Welcome to my birthplace. La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera. The City of Everlasting Spring.

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

I am not religious, but Mexico’s cathedrals are so darn incredible.

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

Living in the depths of Cuernavaca. So beautiful!

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico

And I probably ate every hour of the day for the first few days. Hey, I had a lot of making up to do :)


Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico, Salto de San Anton

A hidden gem among the chaos of the city.
Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico, Salto de San Anton

Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico, Salto de San Anton


Welcome to our neighbor. Pueblo Magico. Magical Town.Taxco, MexicoIf Rome and Santorini had an affair in Mexico, Taxco would be their love child! This place was pure magic.Taxco, Mexico

Home to the most luxurious cathedral I’ve met. Covered in gold inside and out…

Taxco, Mexico

Taxco, Mexico

I wish we had more time to roam this town. I cannot wait to come back!

Taxco, Mexico

Taxco, Mexico

Leaving Mexico was bitter sweet. Departures always are…

I brought tamarind candy on my cary-on, and customs confiscated it :( But finding out I had been upgraded to 1st class seating made it all better. Hehehe.

Mexico — Soon we’ll meet again, my dearest Love!


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8 responses to “I Traveled 2,879 Miles to Reunite with an Old Love

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  3. Lovely photos and nicely written post! This brought back memories of Mexico when my family and I were on holiday there :’) I was five then, but still have vivid memories of some of the places we visited: Tijuana, Acapulco, Mexico City, the pyramids, Taxco… Can’t wait to return one day!

    • Thanks dear! :) I too hope you can return some day! coming back with fresh new eyes is always an entirely different experience. And i love to hear when foreigners visit locations in Mexico other than the usual tropical places most people visit :) Taxco is such a GEM! <3

      Thanks for stopping by! and so sorry i didnt see your message until now.

      xoxo, Denise

  4. Hahaha very nicely written! I laughed out loud when you said it was Mexico. I’ve only been to Mexico once, this past December, and did not get to experience the local areas because we went to an all-inclusive resort. You described Mexico beautifully, I definitely want to experience it your way.

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