Trading Sleep & Recharging (Cape Flattery)

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.” – Unknown

Cape Flattery, PNW

After a long, busy week of the good ol’ cubicle routine, all I wanted to do on a Friday night was to dig my head into my pillow and prepare for total weekend hibernation. I had been to and from doctor appointments in the past week, and my mind was exhausted

Nothing Vitamin N could not fix, of course. But I guess it is also worth mentioning that my boyfriend’s weekends have not aligned to my own, so venturing out into the wilderness hadn’t been an option.

“I want to go to Cape Flattery,” I said at 11:40 PM, while snuggling into my blanket. After our failed attempt to visit this amazing place and instead getting stranded at Neah Bay’s Hobuck Beach, I had been dreaming of going back to finish our visit.

“Ok, let’s go!” said my boyfriend, “Right now.” I thought he was kidding. After all, the drive to Cape Flattery was about 4.5 hours from Seattle, and it wasn’t like we could stay through the weekend because he had to work on Sunday.

I don’t remember ever packing as fast as we did to catch that ferry! Within a few minutes we were packed, the kitties were fed, and we were on the road to a new adventure, sans the unhealthy road trip food (Yes, believe it!)

The only plan we had was to stay in whatever open hotel there was in Port Angeles. Though we normally opted for campsites, we needed as much rest as possible to jampack our Saturday before having to head back to Seattle.

“Hey babe, where is Cape Flattery?” asked my boyfriend, after we boarded the ferry. He had no idea where we were going…


It is always such a reviving feeling to walk new trails and experience new places. Several times, both my boyfriend and I looked at each other like kids with a new toy and smiled in silence. And several times, we stared into the open, mesmerized by the incredible creations of Mother Earth.

If you’ve ever walked into a forest to engulf yourself in its healing power, you know that it will instantly restore your tired mind and overburdened spirit. It is exactly what we needed to unwind from the hectic past days. The minute we set out to walk the trail to Cape Flattery, everything that weighed our minds disappeared. Magic!

I would trade sleep any time for that feeling! Because at the end of the day, you’ll be resting your head with sparkles in your eyes =)

What restores your mind? Whatever it is, keep chasing it! And as always, my wish to you is that you take time from your every day life to spend it outdoors. Remember that nature is your great restorer…

Love and Adventure,


That moment when fresh air overtakes you…Haha!



Also known as the most Northwest part of the continental U.S., Cape Flattery sits on Neah Bay and is one of the most spectacular coastlines in the state! I am so glad we were able to come back to visit. The hike is very family friendly and a short 1.5 mile round-trip. It has several great lookouts and such pretty boardwalks! A MUST visit! Even during a PNW winter.

Below are photos from the hike. It was really foggy and at times really rainy, but whoever minds these Elements? =)

Cape Flattery, PNWBoardwalk heaven!

Cape Flattery, PNW

Cape Flattery, PNWThe best look-outs. So much goodness…

And a GoPro shot.

Cape Flattery, PNW

E.ART.H without ART is just EH. Don’t you agree? =)

Cape Flattery, PNWBy the way, there is no way to walk down to the beach. In fact, there is no beach (I thought there would be). You are sitting on cliffs and coves that are constantly getting sculpted by the crashing ocean. Dangerous never looked so amazing!

The Makah Indian Nation does require that you purchase a park pass ($10 for a whole year. Yes!) I’m OK with paying those fees to experience this place and see that it is so beautifully taken care of…

Cape Flattery, PNWWildlife is very active out here as well. We spotted some seals. I also hear the sunsets are pretty spectacular. Summer road trip? =)

Cape Flattery, PNWOcean meets sky.

Cape Flattery, PNWAnd little Miss Dandelion, the 1962 VW Bus =D

1962 VW BusCape Flattery GoPro

Until next time, my friends! Thank you for stopping by <3

The second part of this trip was to Shi Shi Beach. I will try to post that soon, but I do have at least one or two other posts to catch up on =) …Stay Tuned!


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