In Sickness and In Fall (Heather Lake)

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love…Then make that day count!” –Steve Maraboli

There I was on a weekend morning, lying in bed and battling a nasty cold – the throbbing headache, the congestion, the dry throat, the runny nose, the shivers…the works!

It was as if my health was turning gray along with the chilly autumn days. I knew there was only a small window of fall in the Pacific Northwest, not just because our days were becoming shorter, but also because there was always a chance that our unpredictable weather could bring winter sooner than expected.

But the mountains! My heart was thirsty for fresh air, autumn leaves, fog, and everything mountains.

So I closed my eyes, snuggled in the warmth of my blanket, and began thinking of a forest and how amazing it would feel to be outside instead of feeling miserable in bed.

And I imagined that magical forest…The way a tree stands tall without ever asking for attention. Such majestic giants! The sound of persistence when the tiniest of streams cuts a path through the soil. The mist of a flowing river hitting my face and awakening my every sense. The feeling of wet, fluffy moss beneath my finger tips. The way my lungs expand to inhale that fresh mountain air…

Then I thought about that horrid feeling when you realize you just slept through an entire day…Or weekend. Because I’ve done that, too.

And just like that I was up! It was those simple reminders that pushed me to get out of bed, despite my body telling me to do the opposite. My also-sick-boyfriend hopped on board for a weekend adventure, and off we went! 

Oh, and that magical forest I mentioned?

Just remember that you, too, are made out of those magical elements! Life is meant to be lived just the way you envision it. So do whatever it takes to motivate yourself to pursue all that makes you happy, no matter the circumstances.

I still felt sick after my outing, but my heart was filled with fall goodness. And in that moment, it was all that mattered! =)

With love from the PNW,




The weekend brought us to the North Cascades. One of the best things about autumn hiking is that hardly any people are out. For a good hour, we had the lake all to ourselves! The hike is a fairly easy 4.6 mi roundtrip. See below for all the foggy and fall goodness! Enjoy <3

Photos are a mix of DSLR and good ol’ phone.

A foggy welcome.

Can you smell the fresh mountain air?

And then the lake. And a random pink(?) canoe on the rock. I wonder what his story is…

Enchanted by the way fog quietly embraced the trees.

…but we were sick.

This place has such cute a pretty boardwalk all around the lake.

This place has such a pretty boardwalk all around the lake. Loved!

Well, I was sick, I needed extra warmth :)

In sickness and in …Fall <3

As always, thank you for sticking through the end! Please be sure to check out my previous post, Photo Diary: Fall Icy Goodness, which was actually the first part of this autumn weekend =)


9 responses to “In Sickness and In Fall (Heather Lake)

  1. Oops, pressed send too early! The lake looks beautiful, I imagine it only gets prettier in summer? Would love to come down to Washington at some point! Love your blog btw :)

    • Thanks beautiful! =)
      Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous in the summer! the water will always be cold, but that doesn’t keep us PNW people from jumping in a lake after a nice hike :-D Come visit. There is a lot of scenery that will surely not disappoint =)
      And thank you! I am going to really enjoy your blog as well…I’m loving all your adventures <3

      • Aw I bet it’s amazing after a hike! Would love to take pictures out there, if we come out to visit I know who to ask for travel tips :)

        Thank you lovely, look forward to keeping up with yours too!! xx

  2. This place looks amazing! And I love your descriptions of the PNW, they are so accurate! I will definitely check out this place, I like to hike and this seems like a nice place for taking pictures and just relax. Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. You always find the best spots!! Unfortunately I have that sickness you were talking about but it knocked me out and kept me in bed :( body aches, chills, the works. Hope you are feeling better! It’s cold out but I’m as anxious as you to keep getting outdoors!

    • Ohh, man. Feel better soon girlie!
      And yeah, we should definitely always do what’s best for our body. Some days I’m completely knocked out myself :-\

      But thank you! I am doing much better today and even went on my first winter camp in the snow. Haha, I was so unprepared >.<

      Hope you get well soon. Sending some healthy vibes your way! :)

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