But First, Live! Changed Her Name

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the right to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others” – Marianne Williamson

I changed my blog name, that is.

But First, Live! is now Of Wildest Heart.

When I initially launched this blog, it only happened after years of me saying I’d start blogging. Truth is, choosing a blog title is so hard! I think that’s the reason I did not launch my blog sooner.

Don’t get me wrong. But First, Live! is still my life’s motto. In fact, I think you’ll still hear from it often. Or not. Who knows.

What I do know is that Of Wildest Heart very much resonates with my life. I do what I do with heart behind it. And I do what I do regardless of what the rest of society thinks I should be doing. Breaking conformity is my way of life. But it is a process. It always has been. And I will forever keep growing.

Wild is the soul where creativity and passion resides. To be wild is to be alive. To be alive is to stay connected to the natural place where we come from, senses fully awake and in tune with the very Mother that keeps us alive. And over the course of my life, I hope to practice this daily.

And with that being said, I hope you continue to follow my journey. Perhaps you’ll watch me grow, perhaps you’ll watch me fail, perhaps our paths will cross, perhaps not. But most importantly, I hope that in one way or another, I inspire you to always pursue your wildest dreams and aspirations, to truly live…

…and to always stay wild at heart!

Love and Happiness,


PS: If you are not yet subscribed to this blog, you totally should! Because, why not? :) <3

Also, completely unrelated to my post, though equally wild — Spirithoods rock! I am wearing the Snow Leopard in these photos, as opposed to my Wolf hood in my post here. Rad, no? :-D

3 responses to “But First, Live! Changed Her Name

  1. Ok this post is serendipity… because 1) I’m also changing my blogs name.. and 2) I just made plans to visit the ice caves! haha I love your new name.. I think it suits you and your writings perfectly.

    • Thank you, Leslie! <3

      And whhhhaaaaat, yeah! Serendipity indeed! :-D
      I'll definitely be looking fwd to the new name, and photos from the caves! I went for the first time early spring and everything looked so different. I can only imagine how cool they'll be in the winter, too!

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