Cloudy with a Chance of Lemons…Or Pumpkins!

“When life hands you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it.” – Unknown

…Or we can just make pumpkin pie and get the same reaction from the world.

Haha! Anyway…

I call it a series of unfortunate events. What a whirlwind it has been!

It all started with getting stranded at Neah Bay for a weekend. The car breaks failed, and if it wasn’t for kind people along the way, my story could have quickly turned into sour lemon juice.

…Or spoiled pumpkin mush.

Fast forward to the following week, and I was sitting at my work desk desperately trying to soothe a very unhappy stomach, a terrible headache, and a high fever. I blame the raw fish sushi from the grocery store. For the next three days I worked from home hoping to feel better without having to visit a doctor. (And why do we try to avoid doctors anyway?!) I can still feel the results of that throbbing headache.

But even before fully recovering from what I assume was food poison, life struck me with yet another lemon. And it hit pretty hard.

…Had it been a pumpkin, it could have easily knocked me out. I’m just saying.

My poor baby Gio, aka Paq’s little brother, was peeing all over my apartment. Or he was trying to anyway, until he finally released nothing but a cry for help. I was worried sick! And without thinking twice, instead of taking myself to the doctor, I hurried him to the vet.

Long story short, he had to get two emergency procedures that stood in the way of kidney failure or a possible healthy kitty. Possible – meaning that despite all the money I spent on his vet bill, the procedure may or may not make Gio better.

Really? Why, lemons?! WHY HIM???!

We were in and out of the vet clinic the entire weekend (and into this week) with a very uncomfortable, medicated, sick kitty. To say the least, we have spent some rough sleepless nights and a lot of time praying that his procedures are successful. For now things look promising, and he is happily playing and eating well. But we will keep praying because his condition can reoccur…

But more lemons.

In between all this mess, my parents visited from Central WA with the news that Dad had just lost his wallet. Along with an entire paycheck of cash (yes cash!), he lost a very important ID that will cost him over four hundred dollars to replace. Oh, Daddy :(

To say that we were all on-edge through the weekend is an understatement. If anyone had warned me that the forecast was Cloudy with a Chance of Lemons…or Pumpkins, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Because despite all the lemons life likes to hand me, I pick myself up and move forward. I do not like to dwell on negative situations because doing so only consumes me inside. A lot of the times, $hit happens, I learn, I change what I need to change, I forget, and I move on. And I am really good at it, too. But I am good at it mostly because I have an overall positive outlook on life.  I understand life will happen, but I also understand that as long as I am alive and breathing, my story continues.

…And that little bit of hope and trust in the Universe is the difference between my happiness and my insanity. 

So the best thing I can do is find inspiration in little things…like the changing weather and pumpkin patches! Haha! I know lemons have nothing to do with pumpkins, but picking up my camera to release some creativity brings me joy through any situation. And though I still have a sour mouth (and I am mentally drained) from the lemons thrown my way, life moves forward.

Love & Happiness,





Would you believe the first time I ever set foot at a pumpkin patch was about 3 years ago? Believe it! I make a trip to a patch every year now. Pumpkins and leaves are the flowers of Fall!

We do it all! haha. Even the hay rides. If my cats were kids, I’d totally bring them! :-D

And into the corn maze!

“I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like.” I especially like the following pumpkin…Rawr!

Whatever life has in store tomorrow…it doesn’t matter much! Because today is all we have. And today, all we have is NOW.

Thanks for sticking til the end! Until next time dear friends <3

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