Clouds of Color

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Color Clouds

And so we done did The Color Run!  Ha!  A.K.A. The Happiest 5K on the Planet A.K.A the Kaleidoscope Tour

I forget about this 5K every year until it is either too late to sign up, or it already came and went.  This year I actually remembered, but because I’ve ran similar powder races in the past, I did not plan on signing up.

But…yet, here I was…A friend invited me join as part of her birthday celebration, and it didn’t take much to convince me!  This race has received so much hype in the past, so I was excited to have registered. My overall experience?

The Pre-Race Nerves


LOL. Ok, just kidding, no nerves.  My only concern was that I hadn’t been doing my usual workout sessions since my last run about a month ago.  I know, WTH?  It happens when work drains my brain…don’t even get me started.  Excuses, in other words.  I thought my shins would be killing me two seconds into the race.  Notice I wasn’t wearing the appropriate running shoes for my feet.  Can you spy how insane my ankles roll inward without the proper arch support?  HAHA!

Well, whatever!  I did not want my super amazing running shoes covered in colored starch, so I chose the good ol’ Nikes.  FYI – those Nikes have history!  They’ve taken me through the finish line of one Tough Mudder and have withstood a number of other dirty runs.  They’re troopers!

Team #SeaTownBOOYAH


Enough said.  I saw some old faces and met some new ones and had a lot of fun!  And in case you were wondering…We walked the entire course!!  HAHAHA!  Don’t ask me why.  It was the first race I’ve walked entirely, but at least my shins were happy!

One of the gals brought along some mini speakers, so at one point everyone (and everyone around us) was walking and clapping along to Pharrell Williams’ HAPPY song.  Yeeaaahhh!

The Race Course

A disappointment.  The course was and has always been set in the heart of down town Seattle, which creates an amazing backdrop with our Space Needle.  Apparently this year, though, the city did not allow any powder on the streets.  Whyyyy? Whyyyyy, Seattle, whyyy?!  It’s just colored starch!  In my experience with these types of runs, the powder throughout the course is what MAKES these races.  It’s the whole point of the experience.

In its place, colored water was used.  But we of course were not informed about this in advance.  Boo.  Some of the gals complained it was getting cold and tried to avoid the water squirts altogether.

The powder did not happen until we crossed the finish line.

The Post Race Festivities

Post Race

Lungs full of starch!  Nasal cavities full of colored…stuff!  Throat dry! But it was the highlight of the race.  My boyfriend didn’t run the race with us gals, but he was sweet enough to wait for me.  Above is one the photos he snapped with his phone while he waited.  Pretty great, right?!

The post race festivities consisted of prizes, music, vendors, photo ops, lots of powder (I’m talking barrels), and a great Seattle crowd!  Yay to clouds of color!

My Overall Thoughts

I would not do this race again unless the course and street powder situation was resolved, and NOT by substituting it with colored water. They should probably also not hold this race on Mother’s Day, though this didn’t seem to detract the crowd.  This race was completely sold out within a few days of registration opening!

Their registration packet was pretty nice — T-Shirt, headband, wristband, some washable tattoos for the race, and a nice long tote that can probably be reused as a grocery bag ; )Goodies


Soooooo…I think I’m done with 5Ks for a while!  Maybe I’ll consider doing Electric Run again this year, but I think I enjoy the more challenging runs now.  Eventually I’d like to run a marathon.  Eventually sometime in the later future…Ha ha ha!

Done anything new, fun, and exciting lately?  Go create memories!!

Wishing you a happy & colorful world,


Finish Line


Below are some more post race shenanigans…Click to enlarge each photo, but please note this may not be compatible with your mobile.

What do you think?

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