My Road to Running!

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” Dean Karnazes


Did I ever mention that I really don’t like to run?

Long distance, especially.


I just.


But I really do enjoy fun runs!  And I have to say I pushed my limits with a 12K run that I signed up to run last Sunday.  Normally I do 5Ks that hardly count as races because we can walk those if we wanted to…and I do.  But the longer runs, such as the 10 and 12Ks, are meant to actually be ran.  Seriously, what was I thinking?!  I can barely get myself to run one full mile in under 20 minutes, let alone 7+ miles consecutively and within a timeframe I would not be embarrassed about.

But constantly challenging myself is a way for me to feel…well…ALIVE!  I keep myself excited and aware of my present moment through new experiences and challenges…and because I’m not a runner per say, I thought it would be a great challenge for me!  Here’s how that went:

The Shin Splints

Hello SHIN SPLINTS!?  I think the biggest reason why I don’t really enjoy running is because I get terrible shin splints as soon as I start running.  I blamed it on my heel-wearing habits.  I love a high heel!  A little too much.  So a friend finally recommended I go get shoe fitted to know my ideal running shoe.

And after trying to ‘train’ for my run and not really achieving anything, I finally caved and followed my friend’s advice.  AND I’M SO GLAD I DID!



The Right Running Shoe

RoadRunner Sports is the spot.  They were fully equipped with custom soles, camera’s monitoring your run, foot mapping machines, etc. etc.  They first had me go bare foot and lift my pant leg up to my knee to get a full view of my ankles and calves as I ran on their treadmill.  I was not ready to go barefoot! 

Umm, my feet had been hibernating for the winter, plus heels take a toll on my feet….can you imagine?!  I’m sorry, RoadRunner Sports.  LOL!  But I’m glad I shaved my legs the day before….

Anyway!  Turns out I have ONE flat foot, which causes my ankle to roll inward.  That ankle looked like it was ready to pop right out!  It looked terrible on the screen!  So I felt it was necessary to invest in the custom soles.  The shoe they recommended was Stability+ and a full size higher than what I normally wear.  I was not excited about the huge shoes on my feet, but I finally found some that did not overwhelm my small frame.


The ‘Training’

I really only ‘trained’ for two weeks.  HAHA!  Don’t do that.  But can I just say that my shins have NEVER been so happy to run?!  My new kicks are aaaaamazing! 

The reason I was not worried about training was because I felt I was in OK shape to take on a 12K.  Wrong.  The first day I ran two consecutive miles, my ENTIRE body was sore for the next few days, and I felt that my hips were getting yanked off my legs!  Ouch!  I envy you, Avid Runners.  I envy your athleticism.  Running is an entire body workout I was not expecting.  Most of my workouts involve weights and the step master and elliptical (Insanity DVDs at the very top of my cardio), so running hit my body on a whole new level.  At times my mind just shook-its-damn-head and thought, Why are you doing this again? (LOL)

I never actually ran the full 7+ miles during my two-weeks training because I thought I should focus on my pace and time per mile.  Does this even make sense?  I don’t know.  Next time I will have to give myself more training time…

The Race

Race day turned out to be completely sunny, which I was not expecting with our Seattle bipolar weather.  I was also not anticipating those darn hills.  Silly me.  Long story short, I did not do as well as I had hoped.  My time?  1:36:54 with average pace of 12:40.  Next time, guys! Next time I’ll do better.


The New-found Love

Just kidding.  I am not quite at the LOVE stage yet.  But what I do love is the way running makes my body feel!  Unfortunately the treadmill just doesn’t cut it.  In fact, it makes my shins hurt.  Wth?!  I had not tested the shoes on the treadmill.  All my training runs were done across I-90 Bridge, Alki, or Green Lake.  I might just have to build up determination to run outside regardless of the rain.

…because what running does to my body (and in just those two weeks!) cannot compare to any other workout I’ve done.  No joke.

Tired, but happy to have finished the race!

Tired, but happy to have finished the race!

Paqs wanted to take a selfie : ) IG - diaryofpaqs

Paqs wanted to take a selfie : ) IG – diaryofpaqs



The following are photos from the Seattle Cosmic Run, which I ran last FRIDAY!  I have a habit of signing up for runs, and in my excitement, I forget that I should probably space them out.  HAHA!  These two races happened to fall within a week of each other.  JOY!  Glad I got the toughest one out the way first, though : )

Btw, I don’t recommend Cosmic Run.  Not what I expected.  You can ask me why…

Click each photo to enlarge.  This may not be compatible with your mobile, though. Sawy!

Next up?  The Color Run in May!!!  Wooohooo!

Aaaand while I’m at it, let me just announce that I am officially signed up for Tough Mudder Seattle 2014 !!!!  Can I get a HOOORAH?!!!!  This will be my second TM. 

If you are not a runner, I invite you to challenge yourself with a fun run in your city!  If I can do it, you can, too!  Plus working toward a short-term goal such as a race will help keep you motivated and kick-start your workouts.  And once you get through your first couple of consecutive miles, you are GAME!

Happy Running!



PS:  Here are a few photos from my previous 5Ks. I only started really getting into these about a year and a half ago when I decided my life needed some extra fun.  Enjoy <3

Click each photo to enlarge.  This may not be compatible with your mobile, though.

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