A World of InstaMeets

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born” – Anais Nin

Photo cred: @veekster

Photo cred: Victoria @veekster

Soooo…I was never really an Instagram user since it launched in 2010. 

Until about a year ago, that is.

Notice a trend?  I’ve done, accomplished, tried, etc. etc. many new things within the last year. HAHA.  Anyway.

The truth is, I did not have the best photo-taking phones in the past.  I had refused to switch to a touch screen phone until I finally had no choice.  Literally.  This gadget business is no joke, and gadgets upgrade at the rate that I type this word.  Geeze!

So when I upgraded to my current Nokia Lumia, I decided to finally give Instagram a chance.  And it has quickly become my favorite social media!  Snapping photos and editing them right off my phone?  YES, PLEASE!

It’s so easy to connect with people via social media, but how much more fun could it be to meet everyone in person? 

Well, WELCOME to the world of Instagram Meets a.k.a. InstaMeets.

Last weekend, May 17/18, Instagram celebrated its 9th World Wide Instagram Meet. Just look up #WWIM9, you’ll see! The power of social media is unbelievable, and it makes me so happy to see people with like minds come together all over the world to share amongst each other.

My Very First InstaMeet


Meeting new people is daunting for a lot of us! Especially when we do not have a sidekick to tag along on the adventure, which is exactly what happened to me last weekend.

Forever alone. Ok, not quite! But it happens : )

The Seattle InstaMeet, which was announced a couple weeks back by @IGers_Seattle, was held at Carkeek Park.  I had never even heard of the place!  Trust me, I came up with all the reasons of why my lonely little self should turn my car around and head back home. I had no idea what to expect.

However, my excitement won!  Despite my introvert ways, I enjoy meeting new people, and it is hard enough to gather like-minded creatives and adventurers in one place, so I didn’t want to miss out.

And I am so glad I came out!



Follow the balloons, they said.  The crowd of people with cameras and phones ready to shoot were not hard to miss. I was running 20 mins late but got there just as the group was positioning to form a large 9 for the group photo. Find me at the very end of the nine’s tail! : )

And after slapping on a name tag with our Instagram names, off we went to mingle, explore, and snap photos of course! There was rain in the forecast, but the good ol’ PNW treated us to some beautiful sunshine and warm weather.  

After exploring the shores, everyone headed to Molly Moon’s Icecream in Wallingford.  My terrible sense of direction led me all the way to downtown Seattle, so I ended up just heading home instead.  Boo!

If you look up on Instagram #WWIM9_SeattleShore (the hashtag coined for this meet), you will find other photos taken that day by Instagramers who participated.  If you look up #WWIM9, you will find photos of InstaMeets held all around the world that weekend! Amazing!


So am I looking forward to attending the next Seattle InstaMeet? Absolutely!!  Why not? I had a lot fun meeting adventurers from the area, and even made some new Instagram friends whom I didn’t get a chance to personally introduce myself to while exploring, but whom I look forward to meeting next time! At least then I’ll be able to recognize some Instagram names.

In fact, the next InstaMeet will be taking place in June at Snoqualmie falls, and I already cannot wait!  Follow @IGers_Seattle for more deets and daily updates.  

Find a local InstaMeet and join the fun! People of all ages join. And no – not all of us are professional photoghraphers : )  All you would need is a positive attitude and a creative, adventurous mind!

When was the last time you welcomed new people into your life? To be single, taken, etc. etc. is no longer an excuse. As much as I enjoy moments alone, the human-lover inside of me cannot help but yearn every once in a while for that sense of community.

Our human interactions are as important as our self-love. And it is true that it requires the power to go out of one’s self in order to appreciate whatever is noble and loving in another. So cheers to opening our hearts to new friendships, acquaintances, and doing what we like to do best — E X P L O R E !!

Love and Adventure,


Photo cred to Berty.  Follow him on IG @bertymandagie

Photo cred to Berty. Follow him on IG @bertymandagie


Below are photos from the InstaMeet adventure!  I did not bring along my camera, but my phone was good enough.  Enjoy!


From the foot bridge, overlooking the rails.

The sand was extra shimmery that day.

The sand was extra shimmery that day.

Oh, the little critters!

Oh, the little critters!

L-R: alex_donn, gordito65, awchels, and ameliaasprey.  Find them on IG!

L-R: Alex (@alex_donn), Christian (@gordito65), Chelsea (@awchels), and Amelia (@ameliaasprey). Find them on IG!

Oh. Did I mention these were live tracks?  Don't do it!! #InstaOutlaws

Oh. Did I mention these were live tracks? Don’t do it!! #InstaOutlaws, said Christian @gordito65 He he he


But aren’t they so pretty?

IGers playing in the clouds. Bliss!

IGers playing in the clouds. Bliss!

Please meeting these two :)  Christian @gordito65 and Berty @bertymandagie

Pleasure meeting these two :) Christian @gordito65 and Berty @bertymandagie


Aaand the outlaws. Photo cred: Christian @gordito65

Photo cred to the lovely Amelia @ameliaasprey. Edited by yours truly : )

Photo cred to the lovely Amelia @ameliaasprey. Edited by yours truly : )


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