Skagit Valley: A Beautiful Sea of Color

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing” –  Camille Pissarro


If you’re ever in the Seattle area during the month of April, absolutely take a day to visit Skagit Valley’s Tulip Festival!  The rolling hills of color never seize to take my breath away.  Literally!

I love color.  And on a beautiful sunny day, the tulip colors are radiating!  I had been to the Tulip Festival only once before with my sorority sisters.  A few years later, I thought I should take another road trip to bring my boyfriend and my sisters along.  This was their first time visiting, so it made it all the more special to go back.

Planning on visiting next year?  Do!! 
(Or, there is still time to catch it this year!  Last day is April 30th)

Here are a few tips & suggestions to make your first visit more enjoyable:

1.  You have the option of visiting either RoozenGaarde or Tulip Town (unless I completely overlooked another option?)

RoozenGaarde is the most popular and will have a larger crowd.  This is the only one I’ve visited.  They have food, tulip fields, lots of porta potties, and another garden for you to wander through.  You can buy flowers and bulbs.  They also take debit.
Tulip Town has an indoor flower and art show, but I can’t say any more than that because I have not visited.  Sorry!

RoozenGaarde.  Most recognized by its big windmill.

RoozenGaarde. Most recognized by its big windmill.

2.  Go either really early, or during the weekdays to avoid terrible traffic.
Especially on a sunny day!  The trip from Seattle is only about an hour drive, but when we went last weekend, it took us around 3 hours to finally make it!  We left Seattle at 1:30 PM.


3.  Study those Google Map routes!
Unfortunately I didn’t think about this early on during the trip.  HAHA!  We were able to find a back road and probably saved ourselves the last 30-40 minutes of sitting in traffic.   And the farm was only about a mile away! Seriously.  Plus, we’re talking about one-way farm roads here.  Everyone will take the route Google Maps tells you to take – so be smart and find those back roads.


4.  Pack your own picnic and water.
Yes, RoozenGaarde had food and drinks, but after sitting in traffic for so long the last thing you’ll want to do is wait in line for food.  Plus, picnicking in the garden is just perf!!!


5.  Want to capture some great photos?
The best time of the day for this is either early morning when you might catch some fog and dew, or later in the evening to catch the sunset.  However, go to each farm’s website to learn about their policies regarding professional photography on their fields.


6.  Wear rubber boots.
There will be puddles!  And what is better than splashing in those puddles without a care in the world?!  Trust me, if you want to truly enjoy the outdoors, you want to be comfortable.


7.  Respect the flowers!
No, you cannot pick them.  And no, you most certainly cannot stomp on them.  In fact, RoozenGaarde asks that you not walk in the middle of the fields.  It is truly a privilege to experience Skagit Valley’s tulip fields, so be mindful and respectful of the flowers.  And make sure your kids understand this, too.

beautiful flowers

And there you have it!  Hope these tips can help you on your next visit.  The fields will not disappoint!  Below are more photos from our weekend trip to the tulip fields.  Enjoy!

Love and Respect,


Bye Tulips

My love.


PS:  All photos on this page are mine, but with courtesy of Washington Bulb Co., Inc. — You have a beautiful field! 

Click each photo to enlarge.  This may not be compatible with your mobile, though!  Sawy. 


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