Elsewhere on a Different Galaxy (Mono Lake)

On a galaxy far away, we found a lake. This is the story.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaWe left Lake Tahoe late in the afternoon. Somewhere along the drive to Yosemite, we fell asleep and landed among the stars.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaWe happily accepted the adventure.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaThe foothills of the Sierra Nevada hides an otherworldly gem. Moon and Mars birthed a love child.

…Mono Lake is her name.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaThe sun is just beginning to set, and everything begins to transform under the golden light. What is this place? I think to myself.


There is a soft smell of sulfur and salt in the air. The water feels slippery…soapy, even. I’m intrigued.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaAt a distance we see limestone towers emerging from the lake. There, I point. I want to go there.

Not finding a direct path to the earthly towers, we leave and head in that direction.

King Sun is now beaming, and we arrive to an area known as the South Tufa.


The air is wild; the aroma of sagebrush fills my lungs. Mmmm…

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaThe sun. That gold. My heart…

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaI lean closer to feel the spirit of these vibrant beauties dancing to the wind.

You belong wherever you feel free, they whisper. Like a wildflower.

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada, rabbitbrushOur concrete path soon turns into a boardwalk, and I can see the limestone towers ahead. Tufas, they’re named.

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada, rabbitbrushWe step into another world, where presence is felt in each earthly structure that is only created with time.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaLimestone. It is crumbly beneath my fingers, and I know then to be gentle.

Hello, I say to them. You are like no other beauty I’ve ever met.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaMy moon man wanders along the shore.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaAnd we are soon introduced to our new friends, the alkali flies.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaThey’re friendly –like butterflies, but in scuba gear. Their larva hatch underwater, feed on algea, and later attach to a rock to form a cacoon-like pupa.

These winged soldiers are the result.

They hum by our ear as we chase after them with camera in hand. It’s mesmerizing to watch their army move from place to place.

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada, alkali fliesThe alkali flies line the lake, protecting their shores like any other soldier would their coastlines.

And they lead us toward the tufas.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaKing Sun finally hides behind the Sierra Nevada, and the sky is now frosted in pinks and purples. My kind of sky.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaInhale.

I can almost smell the cotton-candy skies. I feel like a fairy in spring…

We play around the tufas for what feels like eternity. Every corner, every crevice is as magical as the next.

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaWe notice a group of people starting to line the shore on the opposite end.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaSo, we follow.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaWith tripods and a glass of wine in hand, everyone prepares for the greatest show in the galaxy.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaI am right where I belong, I think to myself. I am these strangers, and we are one.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaEverywhere I look gives me a different scene. I feel my heart explode into a thousand constellations…

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaAnd I watch her — Mono Lake — as she collects a piece of my heart from every direction. I willingly give the pieces away.

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada

Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaInhale.

I squeeze my moon man closer, and we stare into space, so completely captivated.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaThis is real. I am here. All is well.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaThey say that when galaxies collide, a goddess is born. One must have been born this night…

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaDay faded into night.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaWe boarded our ship, and soared into the sky. Onto the next galaxy.

Mono Lake, Sierra NevadaI guess all I’m trying to tell you is that other worlds exist right around the corner. You just have to be willing to see it under a different light and with a wild heart :)

Love and Light,


Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada


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