Photo Diary: Crushing on Winter (Lake Wenatchee)

Be you. The world will adjust. Ask winter.


Lake Wenatchee State Park, WA

lake-wenatchee-1After being stuck indoors to fully recover from surgery, I was really feeling that cabin fever.

Lake Wenatchee, PNW

My sissy <3

You can imagine how great it felt to finally be outdoors again :)

Lake Wenatchee, PNW

Lake Wenatchee, PNW

Particles of fresh air and a handful of powdered sugar on trees, please.

Lake Wenatchee, PNW

The lake was mostly frozen. But it was exactly what I had been looking forward to…Lake Wenatchee, PNW

Lake Wenatchee, PNWWinter brings a special kind of quiet.Lake Wenatchee, PNWSo quiet, you could almost hear a snowflake kiss the ground… shhh

Lake Wenatchee, PNWAnd I really think that no weather is bad weather. Us humans are just ill-prepared :)

Lake Wenatchee, PNWBut with the right clothing, transportation, and shelter, trust me…winter can easily become a favorite season.

Lake Wenatchee, PNWRight as the sun was setting. Bring on the gold…

…and the chapped lips with a side of frozen hair. Winter — she kisses hard :)
lake-wenatchee-32The winter fairies came to play…

Lake Wenatchee, PNW

Lake Wenatchee, PNW


We played until sunlight began to fade.

I lost count of how many handfuls of snow were tossed, and how many snow angels were made that weekend :)

Love my little sis <3

In case you missed my last post, we stayed at the Lakeview Retreat just up the hill from Lake Wenatchee. It was perfect. Blog post here.

Lake Wenatchee, PNWThe drive back to Seattle was an ordeal. We were unaware that a winter storm warning had been issued for the night. A 2-hour drive turned into a 6-hour drive, and the roads were a mess. But if we can learn anything from Winter is that, like it or not, she just is :)

Lake Wenatchee, PNW———————————————–

I’m sorry for the lack of words. I’ve been holding on to this post because my head has been elsewhere. The road to elections was stressful. The outcome was dreadful. And the aftermath has been even worse. Every day, it seems that I wake up to yet another thing being threatened. Our environment, our rights, our constitution…and now even our own brothers and sisters. Granted, our country’s political affairs were flawed even before this election. But to say that this election has brought a different kind of tension within our country would be an understatement.

Unity, diversity, and the love and respect for our Mother Earth are things that I care for. To me, some things are simply not political. So as I try to sort my emotions and articulate those feelings into words for a separate blog post, I will continue to advocate and stand up for what I believe is right.

But if you can do one thing: stay informed, and… just. be. kind.

Love & Light,



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