Published in Thought Catalog

To the wild hearts and the nonconforming souls — this one’s for you.

Earlier this month, Thought Catalog reached out to me wanting to publish one of my articles. I was overjoyed, of course! And I am very excited to join the many other writers who share their heart with the world through Thought Catalog.

You can find the article HERE.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t know if anyone would ever care to read a single post. But I wrote and shared for no reason other than my own enjoyment. When I take slabs of my heart and plaster them into words, I always feel a tiny sense of anxiety as I press the “Publish” button, specifically when I share my own thoughts and opinions. Who will read? What will they think? Why does it matter? So on and so forth.

But here we are today, still doing it and still wandering wondering…

I wrote this article a couple of years ago, but my thoughts haven’t changed much. Give it a read, and I also invite you to browse through the countless other publications. The shared stories are at times very thought-provoking; at times, simply fun to read. Enjoy!

Love & Light,


PS —  You can find my original post here: I Crave a Different Love Affair


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