10 Ways to Radically Change Your Life + Become Your Greatest Self

Your are an infinite being with infinite potential. Act like it.

daffodil fields, PNW, WashingtonI was recently listening to a video by Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters, in which he describes ten key concepts to help change your life for success and become your greatest self. His ideas really resonated with me. Everything that he mentioned are the exact areas of my life that I’ve been focusing to improve over the past years.

Part of those concepts is to share more. Learn. Absorb. And then spread the light. So I thought this would be the perfect space to share his list of 10 Agreements (as he calls them) to radically change your life. I’ve paraphrased his main points and, in some instances, added how each relates to my own experience. I hope that you, too, are inspired to seek other ways to become your greatest self.

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daffodil fields, PNW, WashingtonPS: This was was a cloudy day in the daffodil fields near Mt. Vernon, WA. It was cold. It was windy. But we decided to have fun and just shoot :)


1. Stop entertaining drama and gossip.

We’ve all done this. Some more than others. Are you someone who loves bad news, or secretly applauds when others go through a rough time? Or perhaps you find yourself commenting negative feelings on online articles for the sake of doing just that…commenting negative feelings?  And if you’ve ever taken sideway jabs at people via social media, posting FB statuses to vent about someone else’s drama…Congratulations — you are entertaining drama.

When pinpointing the reason why we engage in drama/gossip, you’ll notice that we do it because we have nothing else happening in our life in that moment. Literally, nothing better to do. Life is stagnant.

So instead, fill your time with things that you love. Get outdoors, read a book, draw, color…stay busy with all things you enjoy! Because when you are so busy doing what you love, there is no room for all else negative.

Plus, remember that if someone is gossiping to you about someone else, they are probably gossiping about you, too.

What works for me? I pay attention to my reactions. If something is causing me to constantly react negatively, I cut it (we can apply the same concept to our circle of friends). In the past year, I’ve stopped following all major news outlets and no longer read celebrity gossip magazines. I try to stay away from “reality TV” because it simply feels wrong to enjoy someone else’s drama. I understand that it’s easy to knowingly involve ourselves in negativity *raises hand*. The key is not letting that negativity control us.

“Instead of attacking what you hate, start promoting what you love.”

  daffodil fields, PNW, Washington2. Find new lines.

In other words, find new ways of doing what you love.

I grew up creating art – drawing, painting, crafts, you name it. When college and real life hit me, I put all that aside. Years later, I was really missing that part of my life, so I began seeking new ways to create. Photography and writing entered my life. This blog was birthed.

When I felt that I was not traveling as much as I once hoped, I found a new way to get my travel high. Weekend adventures entered my life.

And so on, and so forth. The point is… find new possibilities! Break the routine!

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington
3. Don’t bash what other people eat without giving them solutions.

Don’t bash those who eat differently than you. But also don’t hide your truth for the sake of making others feel comfortable. If you want to be the voice for the voiceless (animals), do it. But know your approach.

Some people spend hundreds on clothes while only spending pennies on food. I’ve been there before. The more I have learned and awakened, the more I understand that food is fucking powerful. It literally keeps us alive.

So start spending on what your body deserves — clean, natural, nutritious fuel.

My one advice I can offer is to start caring. Learn about our food industry. Learn about the chemical reactions that happen in your body every time you feed it a certain food. Only then will you understand the why behind avoiding certain foods.

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington

4. Always. ALWAYS invest in yourSelf.

If people, institutions, ideas or beliefs no longer serve you, stop investing in them. Only invest in things that will actually reflect who or what you want to be.

When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a part of me. I didn’t mind paying the online fees to turn my site to a .com, or purchasing software to edit photos. And when I thought about upgrading to a new camera, I looked at it as an investment that had many other possibilities.

In his video, Ralph Smart talks about buying himself a good camera when he first started Infinite Waters. Like him, I purchased a used DSLR camera off of Craigslist. Who cares that it wasn’t brand new? All it had to be was a functioning, quality camera. Granted, I did a lot of research and met with several sellers, but it was probably the best $$$$ I have ever spent on a gadget (besides my laptop). Did I have second thoughts immediately after making my purchase? Absolutely! But I also knew this gadget would help me reach higher creative potential.

The more you invest in you, the more you receive in the long run. Like food…buy it!

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington 5. Do not hold your past against yourself.

Point blank — stop trash-talking yourself. You are not your past. You are shaped by your past, but you are not your past. What matters is who you are today.

I came to terms with things of the past, the good and the bad. And when I really analyze each past situation, I acknowledge the lessons that stemmed from it all. Because truly, everything we go through in life is just a lesson in disguise.

But YOU are responsible for who you become!

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington
6. Do not use other people’s past against them.

Why do it? …to make ourselves look better or superior? Doing so is simply petty and shallow. Who cares if someone screwed up in their past!

There were many times where I was about to meet a new person, but friends/family were already filling my ear with crappy stories of their past. Stop doing that! Let people draw their own conclusions based on their own connection. Had I listened to a lot of what people had to say, I would have never met some incredible humans.

And vice versa. I’ve had to bite my own tongue to keep myself from being the story teller. Everyone deserves the opportunity to evolve, so continue treating people how you would like to be treated.

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington

7. Never rest on your laurels.

Laurel (noun. idiom) 1. honor, distinction, or fame. 2. rest on one’s laurels, to be satisfied with distinction won by past achievements and cease to strive for further achievements.

In a world of social media, this one is especially important. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers, followers, etc. you may have. What matters is that you never stop putting forth your best work. And never…ever…stop evolving.

Push to new limits, but also create effortlessly. You have nothing to lose.

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington

8. Do not get mad at yourself for making mistakes.

Making mistakes is not a terrible crime. How else are you supposed to grow? Mistakes simply show us different ways how not to do something.

So instead, treat mistakes as stepping stones to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington

9. Laugh at yourself from time to time.

Have a sense of humor. Life is life! Plus, nobody likes to be around tense vibes.

So, allow for little quirks! Your heart will remain light, and you will cultivate more mental and emotional strength.

“Smile not because you’re perfect. Smile because you’re an alchemist, baby!”  (so much love for Ralph Smart :))

daffodil fields, PNW, Washington 10. Always. Always. ALWAYS help people.

But understand that you must first help yourself 100%.

I’ve seen too many people give themselves to others without attending to their own soul first. This normally results in unhappiness or dissatisfaction with life.

Help others, even if it simply means becoming a news information stream of positive energy. Share with the world what has helped you. The more you share, the more others will care :)

daffodil fields, PNW, WashingtonDisclaimer: Please note that this list is not my own, and all credit is due to Mr. Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters. Specific video found here. Cheers!



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  1. very nice :) I love eating and discovering new food, although sometimes (not at times) I feel guilty of spending much on it but I am relieved when I read #3 hehe.. I am culpable of some points though :( but willing to improve :) thanks

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