Sending You Midsummer Light from Lake 22

As the sun spirals its longest dance, cleanse us.
As nature shows bounty and fertility, bless us.
Let all things live with loving intent, and to fulfill their truest destiny.
– Summer Solstice Blessing

Lake 22, summer solsticeAnd another Summer Solstice has come upon us! Summer is the perfect time to reconnect and absorb all of Earth’s vibrations – the pure nectar of life, if you ask me =) I don’t think I have ever stopped enjoying a season in the Pacific Northwest, and yet here I am so completely eager to begin all our summer adventures.

We need this time…
To breathe
To reconnect
To inhale love so that we can spread it.

On a global level, we desperately need to bless and heal one another instead of turning against each other. So many racial issues have been stirring in my head as of late. Sometimes I am no longer sure whether we have moved forward or taken steps backwards instead. How can we uplift each other beyond our skin if we cannot uplift and worship ourselves? Healing starts within. We are that change we so desperately wish to see.

If we sit within our mind, absorbed with thousands of negative thoughts about others, how are we contributing to anything at all? What we think of others is but a reflection of ourselves, our doubts, and our own fears. Remember this the next time you…think.

Staying out of your head has never been so important. Ultimately what our human selves can truly benefit from is learning (and practicing) how to be an observer of our thoughts instead of a thinker of them, and to start recognizing ourSelf in the people whose paths we cross. But even I struggle with this. And then, I remember. I Am You.

I hope your summer is filled with magic, and that the light of our golden sun can bring us all renewable energy to lift our spirit…

So that we can then turn around and uplift the next person. Let’s spread Light particles wherever we go. Even if it’s just a smile! =)

Love & Magic,




Lake 22

I wish I could say I woke up to soak the sunrise of our first summer day, and that I was an early bird as much as I am a night owl. But that would be a lie =)

We made our way to Lake 22 in the North Cascades to find a spot along the lake to hang our hammock and maybe even take a dip in the lake. The parking lot was full by the time we arrived at 11 AM. Though the hike is fairly easy, I’d recommend wearing a pair of sturdy hiking shoes as a good chunk of the trail is packed with jagged rocks. The soles of your feet will thank you!

Forever in love with all the wooden walkways in the forest.Lake 22

It’s Solstice time =)The weather was perfect hiking weather! But not perfect for swimming in the mountains. Maybe next time.

I purposely filled my backpack in preparation for our first backpacking trip in a few days =) Cannot wait!


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