How to Properly Ruin Your Life (& Pali Lookout – Oahu)

…But even old places have soul.

Oahu Hawaii, ruins

There is certain mysticism about ancient ruins that I am drawn to. Perhaps it’s the idea that I can step into these old grounds, like stepping into a time capsule…getting so completely lost imagining the story of how a place came to be.

Before flying to Oahu, I researched places we could visit during our stay. I wondered if there were any old temples or ruins on the island, but my search pulled nothing. So when my sorority sister, JoAnne from J.S. Lee Studios, shared that there existed ruins in Oahu, I was determined to set out to find the location.

Because we had all ventured to the Mokulua Islands on kayaks the day before, we were not only in pain from getting sunburnt, but also completely drained. But what began as a slow-paced day turned into a daylong adventure around the island despite our exhaustion…

We started the day by exploring the rainforest that led to ruins from the time of King Kamehameha III.Old Pali Hwy, Oahu Hawaii, ruins

Old Pali Hwy, Oahu Hawaii, ruins

Old Pali Hwy

Old Pali Hwy, Oahu Hawaii, ruins

Old Pali Hwy, Oahu Hawaii, ruins

What a humbling experience it was to step into these ancient grounds. I was lost in the stillness of the ruins. How every stone was so intricately placed to create these walls, like a puzzle piece that manifested itself into a greater whole.

How magical was this place before my time? I wondered.

Oahu Hawaii, ruins

The summer palace was said to be the “scene of entertainment of foreign celebrities and the feasting of chiefs and commoners”, read the plaque onsite. Oahu Hawaii, ruins

I walked around the ruins, running my fingers against the mossy crumbling walls, and I imagined the humans who were lucky to enjoy the lusciousness of this very forest, its fruit and vegetation enveloping a once intact palace.

I imagined the laughter, the dancing and feasting these walls had experienced in their time.

And that was the energy I was channeling. Joy.

Oahu Hawaii, ruins Oahu Hawaii, ruins

Whether this palace contained only happiness during its time, I did not know. But I liked to believe it did. My heart is filled whenever I can spiritually connect to the places I travel, and this place was such a gem.

…And this is how you properly ruin your life, by running around ancient ruins that, once upon a time, held endless possibilities. Grounds that were lost somewhere in time yet stand in the same dimension of our presence.

It’s magical if you ask me. Because just like these dissolving walls, we are all just stardust dancing with each other in this infinite universe.

Stay golden, my friends.

Love and Light,


ruins, oahu, hawaiiPS: I hope that in all your visits, wether here or in other places, you walk with respect and leave only footprints. Always stay mindful. Later this night I searched for more information about this place, wanting to learn its historical significance. It is important to me to not only visit, but also know the history of any where I visit. And I hope that you, too, can do the same :)



After visiting the ruins, we ventured around the corner to Pali Lookout. Photos below. We made an entire road trip out of this day. More stories and photos to come later. Enjoy the views! =)

Pali Lookout, Oahu Hawaii

Pali Lookout, Oahu Hawaii

Pali Lookout, Oahu Hawaii

Pali Lookout, Oahu Hawaii


Pali Lookout, Oahu Hawaii


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