Forces of Nature & Kayaking to the Mokulua Islands (Oahu)

Start wherever you are and start small. ~ Rita Bailey

mokulua islands, oahu

Leave it to our great Mother Earth to remind us to tone down our Egos.

“The waves are powerful today,” they said. “It’ll be challenging to land your kayaks,” they said. “Do you feel experienced enough?”

On a beautiful Oahu morning, we adventured with my sorority sister, JoAnne from J. S. Lee Studios. We both coincidentally booked the same AirBnB apartment, so it was only right that we adventured together during our first 24 hours on the island.

To Kailua Beach we headed, to kayak and explore Moku Nui Island. What an amazing sight greeted us! The white sand against the turquoise sea made for such a blissful scene. But we were warned to be careful when we landed on the island against the powerful waves.

Kailua Beach, Oahu

Kailua Beach, before embarking on our kayaks to the Mokes.

We landed fine. But after we filled our hearts with exploring, we watched several kayakers and paddle-boarders get dragged by the riptides in their attempt to leave the island. I began to feel nervous.

We helped JoAnne take off first, but the ocean had an agenda of its own. The waves tossed her kayak like a toy during her takeoff attempt. My heart nearly dropped when I saw her kayak capsize! Poor JoAnne looked like a Raggedy-Anne doll against those waves. And I can still feel the bruises after the riptides tossed her kayak against my shins. I don’t remember how many times she capsized despite our efforts to help her. It was hilarious afterwards, but the power of those waves was like nothing we ever experienced, even when they looked so docile.

When it was finally our turn, my bf asked that I paddle fast as soon as I jumped inside. I guess I paddled way too fast. He ran after me, fell hard into the kayak, and we flipped. Oops! We paddled away on our second attempt.


And then…sunburn! How does this happen during our first 24-hours on the island? =) The skies were overcast, we needed a tan, and so we thought we could do without sunscreen. You know, like any other summer day canoeing in the PNW. Wrong. We burnt so badly! My skin was peeling through the next month. So terrible. For the remainder of our time in Hawaii, we lathered on the sunscreen, no matter how cloudy it looked.

I am ever so grateful that our adventurous Egos were humbled by the power of the island during our first 24 hours. Had it not, we would have found ourselves in trouble later during our trip, I have no doubt about it. Every day we heard a new story about kayakers and paddle-boarders getting stranded, hikers getting lost, and just so many unfortunate deaths. Adventure accidents became so real. And so we knew to slow down to nature’s pace and play by her rules.

Have you allowed Earth to teach or remind you valuable lessons lately? Her messages are always invaluable. Life is delicate. Hawaii made sure we remembered.

Below are photos from our kayak adventure and island-exploring. Kailua Beach was probably the prettiest beach we visited. So absolutely stunning. Enjoy <3

Love & Adventure,


kailua beach, oahu

PS: If I get any of these Hawaiian names wrong, please forgive me! I tried my best to note down names. Feel free to correct me <3



Life is a great big road trip, so on our way to Kailua Beach, stopping to take these views in was necessary =)

Kailua Beach.

kailua beach, oahu, hawaii

We brought along our good friend, GoPro. I cannot stop raving about this wonderful gadget!
mokulua islands, oahu, hawaii

The color of this water!
mokulua islands, oahu, hawaii

And then we landed on Moku Nui Island. Safely, thank goodness.

mokulua islands, oahu, hawaiiImmediately we spotted this little guy. But, click to look closer into the horizon…

mokulua islands, oahu, hawaii

This island had such rugged terrain. So much fun to explore!

mokulua islands, oahu, hawaiiAnd these beautiful natural infinity pools? Gah!

mokulua islands, oahu, hawaii

mokulua islands, oahu, hawaii

We played in the waves for a while, and quickly realized just how strong they were.

mokulua islands, oahu, hawaiiFrom determining our plan of action for a successful takeoff…

…to making it out safely with only a few bruises.

mokulua islands, oahu

Though we tried, Kailua was just not a good place to snorkel. Ha ha…

On our way back to the apartment, we stopped by Hālona Blowhole, which was right next to this incredible little cove.

Cockroach Cove

Spy the tiny humans?

And those rock formations?!

We spotted these two Wild Hearts having one of the most epic picnics I have ever seen.

And we made more stops along the way as night fell.


Thank you for stopping by, wonderful souls.

May your heartbeat always match the beat of the You-niverse.



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    • I wish they had been! hahahhaa. But you know how terrible it is when accidents happen, and the first thing ppl do is grab their phones for photos and selfies instead of calling 9-1-1? I didn’t want to be that person. Hehehehe.
      jk. So glad we were all safe <3

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