‘Alu a: A Tongan Goodbye

A birthday was celebrated today in heaven, April 4th.  I watched the man I love pay another birthday visit to the place where his father now rests.

How can this image be so heartbreaking yet beautiful?


I admire his strength and his family’s, for I cannot imagine losing a father.



…And it’s hard to believe it’s now been three years since our final goodbyes.  Your family teaches me every day what it means to be strong.


A loving son.

The woman in the following photo is one of the most admirable, strongest women I’ve met.  Her patience and kindness is truly beyond this world.


A loving wife.

This was the first funeral I attended, and just like the photos above, it was both heartbreaking and beautiful.  It’s been a blessing to have been warmly welcomed  into this beautiful Tongan family.  And it was an honor to have met such a humble, wise, and respectable man.  You left behind an amazing wife, beautiful loving daughters, and four proud sons, but your legacy continues.  May you be looking upon us from heaven, and drinking some kava on this day to celebrate your life!  Life is beautiful.

Happy Birthday, and may you continue to Rest in Love <3


Disclaimer: These images are mine and are shared with my boyfriend’s permission = )

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