So Who Am I Really?


Part of My Story

I am a 20-something Millennial raised in a small town in Central WA.  The town is very agricultural, and I spent most of my childhood riding my bike throughout the apple orchards.  I loved the outdoors! (And still do!) Especially in the late spring and summer when all the insects and the wildlife appeared.

I mostly remember the windy summers and looking forward to birds’ nests falling from trees.  I picked up every nest I could and tried to raise the bald hatchlings or bring the little eggs to life. Ha! That still makes me smile : )  I spent those summers climbing the tallest branches of our trees and can still hear my dad yelling at me to get down.  I loved catching tadpoles and chasing insects and was always awed by bumble bees and hummingbirds.  I still believe they are fairies from a parallel universe and that I am a unicorn ; )

High school is a blur!  In a nutshell, HS made me realize what a great artist I was (yes, I draw/paint, and I’m pretty darn good at it! WoooHooo!), I held several office positions throughout the years, was prom queen, graduated at the top of my class, and was co-valedictorian.  Not too shabby, ey?  Well, let me remind you that we were a tiny town and therefore a tiny school. No big deal.  Forget the stereotypical popularity crap you see in movies — none of that.  My mission was to get out of that small town, and college was my passport.


College life was a whole other story!  I am a PROUD University of Washington alumna.  GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!!! My story would not be complete if I did not mention that I am also a proud Gates Millennium ScholarCostco Diversity Scholar, and GenOM alumna:  These guys made my college career possible, and I am EXTREMELY grateful for what they do for students of diverse backgrounds.

I stayed in school an extra year, dreading that the economy had just crashed and knowing that finding a job would come with difficulty.  After graduating UW, I stuck around beautiful Seattle to launch my career.  It was not easy, to say the least.  But I never doubted that I could find a good job. I had no room for doubts!  I wanted to stay in Seattle and so I needed a job.

Unlike many recent graduates, I couldn’t afford to be picky.  With lots of patience and a not-very-short road, I am where I am today.  And it is great! And it will be great! And it will be better!  Because there is always room for a better YOU – in or outside a career – that is why I am ever-evolving : )

My Journey

About a year ago, I began a journey of appreciating the NOW…the PRESENT.  I had spent the past couple of years so focused on building my career (STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE!!! Haha!) and finally achieved a place where I could live comfortably.  So I found myself asking WHAT NOW?

Did I want to dive into grad school?  Why was I not traveling the world like I had hoped? Why was I not creating art like I had enjoyed in HS?  Should I get married and have kids now?  I guess I finally realized that I had become all too wrapped up in the corporate life and in society’s perception of what a millennial should be doing.  And that is not what I wanted.

So I began accomplishing many FIRSTS and going out of my comfort zone to do things I never imagined doing.  Don’t worry – I did not become reckless! I have begun to appreciate TODAY a lot more than I did yesterday. I am living NOW without giving too much thought about TOMORROW.  Why?  Because we will never get today back. Ever.

And I will NOT die thinking about my past while planning for tomorrow without noticing my present.

I am here today, and part of my NOW is this blog. I love writing more than I enjoy speaking. Haha! It’s true!  And this blog is part of my expression.  And I hope that in the process it will also inspire me to continuously appreciate my present.

This is my journey.

Winter 2013 - Seattle sets the world record for largest snowball fight. Yes - I participated =)

Winter 2013 – Seattle sets the world record for largest snowball fight. Yes – I participated in my Spirithood =)

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