This Child of Ours + Life Update

And just like that, our lives changed forever.

It’s now been a year since our little bear cub joined us earthside at just 37 weeks. Miss Eva has overtaken our hearts (and our lives), and we couldn’t be more proud of all that she already is.

I look forward to learning and re-learning with her. We get to watch her grow, but unknowingly, she too will watch us grow as parents and as new individuals.

Her first year flew. It was almost as if our life paused for the year, yet so many milestones were accomplished. If I can explain the feeling in words: I watched my life in slow motion…blinked…and opened my eyes to an entire year later. I never imagined that routine could be so fascinating, tiring, and with the greatest sense of accomplishment.

I guess that’s what parenthood feels like after all.

Today I write as we face a pandemic. This unexpected world event has given me all the time I ever wished for to spend with this little being. Despite the gray cloud that hangs over the world, I’m grateful that I still get to work remotely all the while watching my little human grow. My only regret is that I can’t show her a world beyond our neighborhoods.

For the moment we’ll enjoy the daily gift of time with each other.

Though I feel like I’m the busiest I’ve ever been (parenting, work, fitness, side projects), I find myself looking back through old photos of times when we roamed freely. I miss it. So I thought today would be the perfect time to revisit old trips and log them on my blog. My hope is that you, too, can take these virtual trips with me. Perhaps it’s time for you to finally plan that road trip you’ve been dreaming of :)

Love & Light,


OfWildestLove, Babys 1st Birthday, PNW, Seattle


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