#OfWildestLove: Our Story (Just married!)

I married my favorite human. This is the story of how we came to be :)

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge, wedding

*** All photographs taken by the lovely Erica “Spin” Simas ***

It was January 2010 when we met. I was a senior at university, and my sorority was holding a fundraising event (ehm, club event) that required each of us to work a shift at the door.

But it was a Thursday night, and I must have come up with every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t attend.#OfWildestLove, Lake Crescent elopment

It’s a school night, I said. I have a midterm tomorrow, I lied. I don’t feel well *cough, cough*.

#OfWildestLove, Lake Crescent elopement

Seni was working that night. He was part of the security team for the venue, and he was called to cover a shift for a coworker.

#OfWildestLove, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park elopement

Neither of us wanted to be there that night, but the stars aligned, and there we were.

By the end of the night, I was formally introduced to the tall, brown security guard whom I had been eyeballing all night :)

#OfWildestLove, Lake Crescent elopement

The rest is ourstory.

#OfWildestLove, Lake Crescent elopement

I skipped so much class the remainder of my senior year. On sunny days, we’d sneak off to buy fresh coconuts and head to the beach instead.#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park elopement

I remember lying next to him one day under the sun. I was baking, sweaty AF, but determined to get a tan. I thought, surely he’s getting irritated by now; it’s so hot, and tanning is probably not his thing.

But I turned to see the biggest grin staring right back. We were together, and that was enough.

#OfWildestLove, Lake Crescent elopement

Despite coming from completely different backgrounds and upbringings — he, born in the Kingdom of Tonga (Polynesian island), and I, born in Mexico – we found common ground. Most importantly, we continue to learn from each other and help each other grow in the areas we lack.

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge elopement

It was probably only a couple of weeks after we’d met, that we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We have been together for seven years now.

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge elopement

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park elopementSo why did we wait this long to tie the knot, you might wonder? The answer is simple. Signing a document simply was not a priority or something of great importance to us.

…And neither were societal timelines or expectations.

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park elopement

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge elopement

It’ll happen in 2017, we said. We’ll run into the wilderness and drag our families with us, we said.

#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge elopement

So on May 20th, in the presence of our immediate families, we exchanged vows lakeside and under a sunny sky.

Love is easy with him and our life together, unconventional. And that’s just how we prefer it :)

Love & Adventure,


#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park elopementYou can find more of Erica’s work at www.ericaspin.com, or via Instagram, @filmandpixel.



#OfWildestLove, Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park elopement

Below are more of my favorite images. We were sleep deprived, fighting a cold, and just not feeling our best, but Erica worked her magic and did such a beautiful job capturing us in our element. Thanks a million, Erica!! <3

This was a campground elopement; I’ll be sharing details on my next post, HERE :) We exchanged vows at Lake Crescent, and used the surrounding areas, including Hurricane Ridge, for our photoshoot. Find us on Instagram under the hashtag, #OfWildestLove

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17 responses to “#OfWildestLove: Our Story (Just married!)

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  2. Auuwww ! What a beautiful Love story! Congratulations!
    Wishing you two a wonderful and happy marriage.
    When you find that special someone, you’re complete!
    We’re going into our 14yrs of marriage and I always love seeing love stories like yours! Love wins! Always ❤️
    May your union be blessed!

    • Rachel, thanks so much for the love, blessings, and well wishes! <3 14 years of marriage, wow! :) You and your husband are so perfect together, and it makes me happy to see you two loving your life together. Love will always win, no doubt :)
      Stay blessed,

  3. Congratulations! I recognized Lake Crescent and Hurricane Ridge right away, what wonderful choices for your wedding and celebration. 😊

  4. What a wonderful, romantic tale of love and adventure. I drink a toast to you both, and your “unconventional” life together. Travel to the ends of the Earth and enjoy your journey. CONGRATULATIONS.

    • Thank you so much, Stephen, for the love and well wishes! :) And I’ll raise a glass to you as well, for being the incredible human that you are, for encouraging us all to see the world differently through our lens and inspiring us to live a life well-traveled. Thank YOU!

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