Photo Diary: With Love, From the Skies of Kauai

“You have your own kind of wings, beloved soul. Find them and use them.” – Unknown


Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourOur wings were physical ones on this particular day, but we let our dreams soar high among the clouds. We were reaching the last days of our Kauai trip before finally booking that helicopter tour. Always procrastinating!

If you ever take a helicopter tour on a Hawaiian island, Kauai should be your island of choice. At least this was a clear message when I began searching the interwebs, long before we even booked our flight to Kauai.

So, this is what I gifted my boyfriend on his birthday. Somewhere along the years, we decided material gifts just weren’t our thing. We decided to spend on experiences instead. And if we could both share the experience, even better ;)

Our day began at Safari Helicopters with this lightning bolt of a man. What a soul! After giving us the safety rundown, he kept us entertained as we waited for our ride…

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourSometimes I have to pinch myself to fully realize that these are my experiences and this is my life. It’s not fancy. It’s not glamorous, but it’s rich with real Life. Exactly how I prefer it to be :)

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourI have to admit, though, it made me feel pretty touristy. Whatever that means to you…

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter Tour…But, these bird’s-eye views!

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourAnd if you’ve never met the edge of the Earth, allow me to introduce it to you…

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourWhen we headed toward the Na Pali Coast, words cannot explain what I felt. Two days prior, this very coast had brought me to my knees as I surrendered in pain (blog post here).

…And now here I was, staring her in the eyes. She was beautiful, painful, dangerous, even…but beautiful she was!

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourThe Na Pali Coast.

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourWhile hovering above this coast, I kept thinking, “Wait? We did that…We walked those ridges, one valley after another.”

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourI guess looking at it from the sky made it seem like it had all been a dream. How could humans even walk those rugged cliffs?

The Kalalau Trail was lost in her wilderness…

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourThis was the last time I saw the Na Pali Coast.

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourUntil we cross paths again, that is :)

We also flew over the stunning Waimea Canyon. The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourThough we had already experienced this place from the ground (blog post here), the views from the sky were equally impressive. What a stunning giant.

Kauai-Helicopter-12Spy the river below.

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourWe then headed toward Kauai’s center. The summit crater of Mt. Waialeale.

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourIt is here where the famous Wall of Tears resides. We were lucky that the morning was clear of low clouds. We had a perfect view, except the sun glares on our windows were fairly strong. I wish I could have captured better photos, even if it were just with my brain. But, the glare! Le’sigh.

Back toward the airport, we caught some wonderful views of the towns that make up the island. Man, I love this island!

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter TourI don’t think we stopped smiling during the entire flight. Just two kids from the block taking a helicopter tour…

So, do it! Spread those wings and let them take you through your wildest of dreams. Whatever that may be or whatever that may look like. Just remember where you started. Stay beautiful. Stay humble. Stay you.

…And may your dreams always defy the laws of gravity!

Love & Light,


Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter Tour

Things to Consider Before Booking Your Hawaii Helicopter Tour

  • Search online first. It can save you money. Safari offers a discount if you book online.
  • There was a weight limit. Sir Buffness was worried his height and mass would put him over the 250-lb max limit and therefore get charged an extra fee.
  • It pays to stop by their office to inquire before booking. Safari’s staff is great! We stopped by with the weight concern, they helped us by assigning us to the right helicopter, and they still gave us the online discount. (Something about balancing the overall helicopter weight, so as to not have to pay an extra fee. Yup, he was over 250-lbs of Polynesian mass. Lol. Tongan Strong.)
  • You don’t exactly get dibs on seats. They’ll ask your preference when booking online, but ultimately they’ll arrange everyone to safely balance the helicopter.
  • The window glare is real. Our 8AM tour gave us some pretty heavy sun glares and cast heavy shadows on the landscapes (if you care about photography). If I ever book again, I think noon would be best?
  • Some companies offer windowless tours. Great for photographers, but not so great for budget travelers.
  • Take time to walk or hike Kauai. Views from the sky are great, but nothing compares to views from within.
  • The aforementioned is true for the Na Pali Coast. Hands down, the Na Pali Coast was far more impressive from the Kalalau Trail or even from Koke’e State Park.
  • Smile often. Enjoy! :)

Kauai, Helicopter, Safari Helicopter Tour


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Stay curious, wild hearts!


6 responses to “Photo Diary: With Love, From the Skies of Kauai

  1. I have never actually looked up photos from a helicopter tour because, like you said, I thought it would make me feel touristy. But you’ve definitely convinced me!! And I’m literally texting my boyfriend about experience gifts right now- that is so so true. Especially as someone like me hoping to become a nomad, experience gifts sounds like the best idea! Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to read your post about the hike :)

    • Haha, love it! :) I’m happy you like the whole idea of experience gifts. I still get funny reactions when I explain this concept to others.
      And the helicopter was certainly a great experience, and one I’d recommend to do at least once :)
      Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to diving into your posts as well! <3 Have a wonderful weekend!

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