An Oregon Coast Road Trip, Part 1: Cape Kiwanda

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Unknown

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast Road TripHere I was on a weekend, several sunsets ago, craving the road. It’s no secret that my mind constantly seeks stimulation of some sort. It is not a friend to routine, and it craves inspiration probably as much as it craves adventure.

So on this particular weekend, I felt that a weekend-long road trip would be the best way to break the routine I was falling into lately.

Work. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

Sometimes I wonder how I let myself fall into that dreaded cycle that leaves me feeling like the robot I never wanted to become.  If I don’t do something different every day, I begin feeling stuck. And then I remember that I am also an owl of the night. I stay up late into the night for no reason at all. In fact, it is then that my mind fires up with stories to tell and ideas to bring to life. The price? A physically tired mind that requires at least three cups of coffee to get through a day’s worth of cubicle work. It’s as if my college habits never left.

And by the time the weekend comes I’m left with two choices: either catch up on sleep, or pack my bags and disappear for the entire weekend.

So disappearing it was!

I had wanted to take a road trip down the Oregon coast for some time already, so I was ecstatic to finally make it happen! We would drive the 4.5 hours down to Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City and slowly make our way back up to WA via Highway 101, with no other particular destination in mind.

road tripWe made several stops on the way down to Cape Kiwanda. And how was the weather so absolutely beautiful on a February/March weekend? Gah!

I was also way too excited that the beaches in Oregon were drivable. This is the very first time my car sat on the beach with us. Haha! I’m sure she was as excited about it as me. How great is this?! It left us wishing we had packed our grill…

When we finally settled into Cape Kiwanda …holy breathtaking place!

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripSo many people were out enjoying the sun. I was not expecting such great weather, and I was not expecting crowds. But whatever, right? =)

We also thought it would be a great idea to walk up this hill of sand to get a 360 deg view.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripWith the sunbeams kissing our flesh and our feet gliding down with every step, we were left gasping for air.

But when we finally made it to the top, it was this amazing view that left us gasping for air. Darn you, Pacific Northwest. You captivate me and will not let me fall out of love with you. But I enjoy our relationship…

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripI think it’s safe to say that Dandelion the VW Bus has been having quite a life =)

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip, VW Bus

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripWe sat for a while contemplating the beauty that surrounded us. It is so easy to get wrapped in the idea of photo-taking. So this is something both my boyfriend and I do whenever we visit a new place:

We sit quietly, observe, breathe in the smells, listen to our surroundings. And just be.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Spy the tiny people.

When we finally soaked the beauty, we made our way to the cliffs. Walking through the sand turned out to be so much fun as we headed back down. Ever hear of sand boarding? This would be the perfect place to begin! :-D Gliding down the sand left me feeling all sorts of youngster again.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

How incredible do these cliffs look? The tones of gold and red made this place especially magical. So many times I imagined the kind of stories these grounds held. How many years it had taken to reach such incredible beauty. How many crashing waves it had met in its lifetime. And I wondered how many remarkable creatures had walked these very grounds my feet were now walking…

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripAs we made our way deeper into cliff heaven, we spotted this hammock. You cannot see from this angle, but these guys were in for quite a spectacular view. Front row seats to amazing

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripAnd probably the most photographed place in Cape Kiwanda…

The shadows from the coming sunset made it tough to capture the beauty of this little gem. But having witnessed it in person was far more perfect than trying to get the right shot. And I’m OK with that.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip


Earth. Ocean. Bliss. Incredible is life if only you take a moment to understand that the simple fact that you are breathing is a miracle in itself.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

And so we claimed our seats to wait for Mother Earth’s most sought-after show. Sunset.


Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip


I enjoy watching people enjoy life as much as I do. I enjoy watching them enjoy something so simple as Sunset.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripThis place has certainly captured my heart. The texture of these cliffs are just so pretty. And these rock formations? Amazing! Such a unique place.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

If you have ever watched the sun disappear into the ocean, you understand that it is nothing short of breath-taking. Every day you have the opportunity to witness this blessing…

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon coast, road tripI cannot find another representation of how grand our world is than this photo below. How tiny we look against such majestic Universe.

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road tripAnd into a beautiful warm [winter] night…

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon coast, Cape Kiwanda, road trip

Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda, roadtripAfter we found our way back down to the beach, we saw how low the tide was and decided to explore the caves and tide pools. It turned out to be such a perfect night. No wind howling. Just moon and waves.


We really could have stayed here all night if it wasn’t that we still needed to find a place to stay the night. I forgot I unpacked our tent from our car, so camping wasn’t an option. We stopped at several nearby motels/hotels and learned we picked a rather busy weekend. Apparently there were several events taking place in the area, so everything was booked, unless we wanted to rent anything over $200 a night.

Instead, we drove 30 minutes to Tillamook, home of lots of cheese and ice cream! Haha =) We found a charming little place that provided a comfortable bed and warm shower. It was just what we needed to rest our heads for the adventures tomorrow would bring…


And that is the reason I crave the road. It leads me to places the mind could never imagine, no matter how many photographs I have seen. It makes for endless memories and unforgettable nights. Why would I ever trade this feeling for a ‘routine life’?

But I share this with you in hopes that you, too, can understand that feeling stuck is not natural. When you feel that your life is suddenly repetitive, find the next thing that will spark inspiration. Maybe inspiration is only around the block, in the next town, or simply a new cafe.

My life is no different than yours. Remember that we are all gifted 24 hours a day…The only difference is how we spend that time, who we spend it with, and how we choose to view the simple things. Life is truly magical! What inspires you lately?

Love and Adventure,


ofwildestheart, cape kiwanda, oregon coast


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Stay curious, wild hearts!


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