When Wanderlust Strikes, Pt. 1: Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

“Planning is essential. Plans are useless.” —Winston Churchill

It happened at 12:00 AM, the strong impulse to wander and explore.

That darn wanderlust itch was real. My boyfriend and I had been planning to one day visit Oneonta Gorge in Oregon since last year and were waiting for the right time to do so. As if the right time is ever right.

So on a Friday night after work, I texted my sisters if they wanted to go on a weekend road trip to Oregon. And after some convincing, I was off to pick one of the two (sis number two had to work the weekend. Booo!)

By 2:00 AM, we were on the road on our way to Oregon with a tent, blankets, and snacks packed, and not knowing how long we would drive before sleep overcame us or where we would sleep for the night. In other words, not a single plan. Take that, wanderlust!

We were not completely reckless, so by 3:30 AM we pulled over at a rest area. Haha! But we were so anxious and could hardly keep our eyes closed for more than two hours. Who needs sleep anyway? Off we went! I think by the time we reached our destination, we instantly awoke. We were so excited to finally be there! If you have not visited this place yet, be ready to be amazed. Think backyard of Jurassic Park, but in real life…

I love how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is! And I love that I can pack a tent whenever I want, and just go. Plans are not my friends, and they normally don’t happen as expected. So I stopped making plans. One day I will pack a bag and my passport, go to the airport, ask for the cheapest and soonest flight available, and just GO! Mark my words.

Would you dare do the same? =)

Below are photos from our visit to Oneonta Gorge. They’re a mix of phone, GoPro, and DSLR photos. Enjoy <3

Love and Adventure,




The place itself is completely accessible off the road — perhaps too accessible for it’s own good. On a sunny summer day you will be instantly greeted by the smell of humans….errr, urine. It’s true. Sorry, guys!

Also, the trail is not actually a trail. It is the river bed. So, you will get wet (or at least your feet will, depending how far down you walk into the Gorge). But for only .6 miles round trip, this place will surely not disappoint!

You see that log jam? You’ll have to climb it! And it is a slippery ordeal.

I would actually recommend that you leave your pups at home if you go on this hike. When we went, so many dogs were slipping off the logs.  Ouch! No grip whatsoever. Some were trembling with fear, refusing to keep moving forward, and some were whimpering. Not exactly fun for them.

As for me…my shoes of choice? These bad boys — Vibram FiveFingers! They were so grippy and flexible; I felt like busting out ballerina moves on those logs, and I don’t even know ballet! Ha!

At one point my sister had to take off her shoes and walk in her socks because the logs were just too slippery for her. Plus she’s very prone to tripping, so her struggle was really real. Haha! Love you, sis.

But once you get over the log jam…behold!

Is this place not crazy amazing?! I’ve never experienced anything like it.


Up until this point you’ll be walking in some cold river water. Remember this is the Pacific Northwest — glacial water fills our rivers =) Even in the summer! If you do not want to get more wet, this will be your turnaround spot.

But because this was our first time here, we wanted the full Oneonta Gorge experience! Even if it meant walking my short little self through chest-high river water…

But don’t worry! Just when you think you’ll soon be walking completely under water, it doesn’t get any deeper. I’m about 5’2” and photo above is as high as the water got for me. Some people will even manage to walk on the rocky edges instead and miss the water altogether.


After a few more steps you will be greeted by Lower Oneonta Falls. Gorgeous! And — on a hot day — the perfect place for a swim, woooo!

So cold, but oh so good!

Even my sister joined us in the water, and she’s not easily convinced. That man in the back, though…fearless!

But how about these gals below? They are troopers! The water was so cold…haha.

Later in the day, at around 11 AM, more people started pouring in….And so did the sunshine. So if you want to skip all the human traffic, I recommend you come before 9 AM, especially in the summer.

This place was for sure one of my favorite summer visits! I am really curious to see this place during the different seasons and will most definitely visit again…And you should, too!

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for reading! <3

Join me later for Post #2, when we visited Tunnel Falls, one of the most amazing waterfalls I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing!

Sneak Peak: Tunnel Falls

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    • Whaaat, how crazy!! Had we waited a couple of weeks, we would have crossed paths :)

      We went mid-August. I’m losing track of the weekends already! Haha.

      How fun! I love your spontaneity :-D

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