Dear Life: Reflections of a Birthday Girl

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha 

(Conversations in my head.)

Dear Life:

Did I really just celebrate another birthday? No. Impossible. I still feel so young. Forever 25, yeah?

Wait…I wonder if I am now considered to be in my “late 20s”?  Yuk.

How do Mom and Dad feel about my marriage decisions at this age? After all, Mom was only 24 when she got married. And she says she married old. Umm… Sorry, Mom and Dad, not this right here gal.

But if I do get married, how will my wedding be? …Small and in the forest…Flower crowns and Christmas lights…Or perhaps it will be huge! Go big or go home.

Wait…who the heck wants a wedding anyway? What a waste of money.

Shouldn’t I already have my first kid already? Do I even want kids? No, thank you. Perhaps later.

Are my eggs now raisins? Yikes! But I like raisins.

Why do I feel like I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up? I don’t.  Do you?

Oh $hit, should I be applying to grad school already? No. I would probably still be skipping class. And it’s summer, hello?!

And go back to school for what, though? An MBA?

Where will I live for the rest of my life? The world is my playground. And I want a traveling home…

Tiny house? Van Life? How about a tree house? Or, my silver bullet – a.k.a. a caravan a.k.a. thee Airstream! 

Life, I do not know what the future holds. But one thing I am sure about TODAY is…I am happy! And that is an understatement. Perhaps cliché. But happiness is a choice. And I choose Happy.

May you continue to bless me, along with my family and friends…

…The person reading this post…

…The mountains and the trees…

…Our water and our food…

…Our moon and our sun…

…All the creatures of the world…

…All the places I am yet to see…

…And all the people I am yet to meet.

Life, You are way amazing! I will never take you for granted. I am one with you. You are mine. I will respect you. I will cherish you. I will love you. I will LIVE you.


A Birthday Girl

PS: How did I spend my birthday, you wonder? See below for photos and rants! Enjoy! <3 (Nokia Lumia photos.)


Every July 5th, I celebrate a birthday. Haha. And every July 5th for the past few years, I try to call my mom to wish HER a happy birth day before she beats me to it…because SHE’s the one who birthed ME. She still tells me it’s silly every time I call her :)

I also like to celebrate completely sober. I think I drank all the alcohol I needed to drink…before I was 21. Plus, I think it’s important to enjoy the day while being completely present.

So, you know, besides celebrating my birthday by jumping off planes or jumping off mountains, or attempting to jump off bridges (long story!), this year I opted for a more subtle celebration…

The Color Festival! That’s right. What a better way to celebrate life than to, well, celebrate life! And happiness! Laughing, playing, dancing, eating, and filling the sky with clouds of color! Why not?! Namaste!

And to have spent it with people I love? Even better! =)

Forever my little sisters! And that photo-bomber in the back? Hahaha! My boo thang!

My sissy and her girlfriiiiaaan.

Me and my sweet boo thang..

Ohhh, our youngest sissy <3 I’m really not short though…hm!

Haha! A REAL photo bomb!

Overall, the festival was alright. It was it’s first time in Seattle. And though the bands were lively and fun to dance along to, it lacked the big crowd atmosphere.

One downside was that there was an entry fee that only covered entry. The packets of color had to be bought completely separate. I thought we’d at least get one color packet with our ticket.


But we got to participate in the making of a music video from Alex Boye (from youtube)! How cool is that?! I’m looking forward to finding this said video in the near future.

Would I attend again? Sure, if it was held on a different day =) The event coincided with the 4th of July weekend, so it gave us all a long weekend from work. In other words, I had to stay in town but would have been nice to escape into the woods…you know, something more adventurous. Hehe.

Seattle Yoga News did a sweet little video from the Seattle Color Festival.  Click here if you’d like to watch. Cheers!

And later that night, we had a lovely bonfire at Golden Gardens, breaking rules into the wee hours of the morning.

Thank you to all my sweet little loves for spending this day with an old fart! <3 I la la la la LOVE YOU guys!


(The next day I went white water rafting! So stay tuned for a post on that, coming soon)…Now HERE.

6 responses to “Dear Life: Reflections of a Birthday Girl

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  2. Happy Late Birthday. Great reflections. Remember what I told you before, when you have kids, mine will be long gone…hehe, or at least I think. But now, enjoy LIFE, and no, you do not need kids yet. :)

    • Gracias, Paty! I know…hehehe…kids must wait. If ever…

      Hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while since we spoke =)

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    • Thank you for stopping by, and for the belated bday wish =)
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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