Happy Valentine’s Day to the ONLY Person that Matters! (YOU) & 7 Ways to Spend it

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.” ― Steve Maraboli

My very special Valentine last February. His name is Paqs.

My very special Valentine last February.  His name is Paqs.

To the MOST important person on Valentine’s Day:


Yes, YOU!

Make this day (and any other day for that matter) be all about YOU and YOUR happiness.

You do not need another person to make you FEEL special.

Know that you ARE special.

You should never feel alone.

Hello, you have YOURSELF! So make YOURSELF first priority.

After all, if you cannot take care of yourself, what makes you think you can take care of others?

If you do not love yourself and enjoy your own company (yes, solitude!), what makes you think others will enjoy your company?

When you LOVE YOURSELF, others will automatically be drawn to that Love.

So stop LOOKING for love!

Instead, give Love without expecting anything back.  When you give Love without expectations, Love will be given right back to you through the most unexpected ways.

But, love whole heartedly.

And if someone broke up with you, SO WHAT?!  You still have love for yourself.

You will realize you do not need someone else’s love to validate how special-amazing-beautiful you are!

Don’t ever lose faith in Love.

Love exists and Love will find you…

…But only when you first Love yourself.


You still want a special Valentine’s Day?  You can make out of this day whatever you want to make out of it!  I’ve said this before in my Cheat Days article, and I will say it again – IT’s ALL ABOUT YOUR MENTALITY!

(Even if you are in a relationship, if you are not in a healthy and happy state of mind, nothing your significant other does or doesn’t do will be enough.)

Sooooo…..do YOU, Boo!!

  1. Spend time doing what makes YOU happy. Whether it’s a relaxing spa day, painting, or an entire day of video games, treat yourself!
  2. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is also about FRIENDSHIP.  In Spanish we call it The Day of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP –> El Dia del Amor y La Amistad. So if you don’t have a date and they don’t have a date, ask them out!
  3. Please don’t forget your parents!  Give them a call, send them a little something, or go spend time with THEM : )
  4. If you have PETS, give THEM all your love!!  (Well, save some love for yourself, too)  Remember that those little guys only have YOU.  So treat them like you only have THEM.
  5. If you are a parent, nothing beats spending time with your kids.
  6. Spend some time outdoors.  You and Earth, and no one else.  Feed off of Earth’s energy.  Recharge.
  7. Unplug from technology.  COMPLETELY unplug. You do not need to see everyone’s Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures.  Just stop.

There really is no reason to feel lonely or un-loved on Valentine’s Day.  YOU have YOU….Love starts from within, and so YOU have the power to feel Loved.

Love and Happiness,


PS: No, I am not a sour single person.  Yes, I’ve been through break-ups before.  And no, I never lost faith in Love.


Below are photos of my little love last Valentine’s Day.  His name is Paqs.  Follow him on Instagram at @diaryofpaqs.  He now has a little brother named Giorgio aka Gio.  Enjoy! <3

His unconditional love is just so amazing!

His unconditional love is just so amazing!


Is he not the cutest?! =) Such a little stud!

Is he not the cutest?! =) Such a little stud!


May he bring you a smile on this Valentine's Day.... <3

May he bring you a smile on this Valentine’s Day…. <3

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