Growing our family tree as does Mother Earth

Because love is the best thing we do.

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This year was undoubtedly a year of Change. And one of those changes has been to nurture a human life into human form. Some days I still cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Suddenly we’re staring at a 32-week moving belly.

It all seems kinda’ wild.

Parenthood was never a necessary chapter in my Book of Life (and neither was marriage), but I never rejected the idea. “If it happens, great!” I’d say. “If it never happens, great!” I’d boast. Trust me when I say this has been our greatest surprise yet.

But I smile knowing that life happens exactly as it’s meant to happen and at the time that it should :)

Already this journey has forced me to slow down, mostly because I’ve felt physically exhausted.  Nobody warned me about the random body pain, the loose muscles, and the softened ligaments that would make my body tweak randomly as I walked. Ha.

I am nervous…excited…overjoyed…and eager to meet the little human we’ve created.

What am I even saying?! Breeeeeeeeeathe.

We paused our travels in July when we welcomed the news after a trip to Glacier National Park. We were hiking in bear country having no idea we were officially a hiking party of three. It’s incredible how quickly lives can change.

I have no idea what the next few years will bring. I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed the outdoors. But I can almost envision a little Being choosing us for parents because we were having so much fun on Earth.

…So I have no intentions to stop :)

Love & Adventure,


PS: I’ve been on the move through the several months I’ve been missing from my blog. I have piles of photos and stories, but I’ve lacked the motivation to edit photos and write. It has everything to do with already being tied to a computer for hours at a time at work. I’ve tried to find a balance, but life has really kept my undivided attention outside of the screen. In the meantime, I’ve kept my Facebook updated with videos of our travels.

Though I will always choose the present over any screen time, my creative bug is really screaming for attention now. Perhaps it’s time to feed it :)


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Stay curious, wild hearts!


2 responses to “Growing our family tree as does Mother Earth

  1. Happy to read a post!! And I can’t wait to see pictures of 3!!!
    -someone said there is no such a thing as balance.

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