A Night in Vintage Trailer Heaven (WA Coast)

“Follow your heart. Feel the sunshine. Love your spirit.”

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWIt was an oddly warm day when we set out to the coast in search of adventure and reconnecting to Earth. We had three days to do everything and anything. And we did exactly that…

Tucked away somewhere between the Washington and Oregon coast lies every gypsy’s dream: the cutest vintage trailer lodge that could ever exist! I was ecstatic to have come across this gem.

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWIts eccentric and quirky vibe turned our stay into bliss! My heart may or may not have exploded into tiny little Airstreams over the weekend :)

We arrived several hours before our check-in time, but their staff was so nice and invited us to hang out at the lodge.

We opted for borrowing their old, vintage bikes to explore the beaches along the peninsula.

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

I don’t remember the last time I rode a bike so freely! My mind drifted to a younger self, when the only time measure that existed was the tired feeling in our little legs after pedaling in and around apple orchards…

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWSou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

These bikes must have had endless adventures in their time. They were so old that the chain to my bike kept slipping off the wheel, and my boyfriend’s chain broke off completely sometime on our way back to the lodge.

But nothing could erase the big grin off our faces!

Seaview, PNW

Sis <3

 Seaview, PNW

Seaview, PNWOnce we filled our hearts with bicycle fun, we headed back to the lodge to check into our mansion for the night…

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWIt was so perfect! Can I just move in permanently already? :)


Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Neighbor trailer.

It was even equipped with an old record player. And their main office lent out every imaginable record, and movies, and board games, and all things to keep the mind happy during our stay.

We chose Elvis, steak, and a glass of wine. By the end of dinner, we were dancing to belly-dancing music :)

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWBy the way, they had the BEST Japanese dessert wine I’ve ever tasted!

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWSome time after dinner and before sunset, we gathered some (working) bikes and headed toward the beach again.

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWWhen we finally came back for the night, we went straight to my favorite corner at the lodge. The sauna garden!

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWHow adorable?

In between sauna + cold water dips, this night was one of the most refreshing nights!

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNWWhat a wonderful time :) We were ready to move onto our next location for the weekend: Cape Kiwanda and Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest.

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW

Another thing we really loved about this little piece of heaven was that the lodge adopted a trust-based system. If we needed anything from the main lodge, we could either borrow it (board games, records, etc) or start a tab for any of the purchasable items, even outside of work hours.

It is a perfect corner of the Washington coast that only an artsy, eccentric, or gypsy soul would appreciate <3  Do you have any quirky lodging favorites in WA or OR? Feel free to share!

Love & Adventure,


Sou'Wester, Seaview, PNW


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6 responses to “A Night in Vintage Trailer Heaven (WA Coast)

  1. This looks like the kind of place I would want to stay at for awhile! (Japanese dessert wine? YES!) Love that you got to bike ride- that’s a favorite hobby of me and my hubby! We rode bikes down the coast on our honeymoon ;)

    • Sounds like a fantastic time honemooning! :) Bike-riding is a great hobby to have!
      Thanks for stopping by. If you’re ever in the PNW, I would highly recommend this gem of a place! Sou’Wester Lodge

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